Getting Started: Bath-Knight Online Guide

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Getting started online can be a daunting thought for many. However, by making the most out of your online resources, being active online can quickly become very positive. I have witnessed this myself, as my 89 year old Father in law has recently started to use the internet to shop online and e-mail family located all over the world. Using simple to use, step-by-step guides are often a quick and simple way of using the internet without any trouble.

As the Managing Director of Bath-Knight I want you to make the most out of our website. Having created the site for you, helping you use is very important to me and the Bath-Knight team. We have created an easy to follow guide which directs you to our home page and for those feeling more adventurous to the online brochure request form.
How to get on to and order a Bath-Knight Brochure

1. Open your Internet explorer.
2. Once you are on your Internet home page, click the URL bar at the top of the page.

Internet Home Page

3. Select the current URL/www. address (this will become highlighted)
4. Once highlighted erase.
5. Now type in the Bath-Knight URL address-

URL Address bar

6. Wait to load, this make take a couple of seconds so be patient- don’t be tempted to keep clicking, as you’ll find, as I did that more pages will open than needed.
7. When loaded you will be on the Bath-Knight home page.

Bath-Knight Home Page

Welcome to The Bath-Knight Home page, I am so proud of our website after years of meetings, research and hard work I think that we have the perfect website for you. Here you will find a Bath-Knight video featuring myself, our product list and information regarding how to contact us here at Bath-Knight.
8. To order a brochure, simply scroll down to the bottom of our home page.

9. On the left hand side of the screen you will see an oval icon titled ‘Free Brochure’ click here.

Click 'Free Brochure' logo

10. Our site will now direct you to another page. Here you are required to fill in an online request form.
11. Simply type in the required information and select which products you are interested in.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email

Required information page

12. Please don’t forget to tell us where you heard about Bath-Knight in the tab provided, this helps us monitor how you found out about our website.
13. When all your details are entered and your happy click ‘Submit’.

Thank You!

14. You will now be directed to a ‘Thank You’ page. This confirms that we have successfully received your details and will be sending you more Bath-Knight information shortly.

I sincerely hope that you have found the ‘Bath-Knight online guide’ helpful and easy to use. My next post will concentrate on links which lead you to helpful guides by other sites and cover areas such as e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and Skype.


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