Stoke City – Get Delilah to Number 1!

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stoke city Yesterday I blogged to send a huge Good Luck to Stoke City who are in the FA Cup final at Wembley tomorrow.

To celebrate Stoke City’s success local fans have set up a campaign in the hopes of getting the fan’s favourite anthem ‘Delilah’ to number one in the charts. The campaign, which is encouraging  people to purchase the famous Tom Jones song has its own Facebook page, and is getting lots of support from local radio station Signal One along with regional news coverage.

Delilah is said to have become a fan favourite in the 1980’s when a group of fans were thrown out of a Derby pub by the police. As they were leaving the song started to play and the Stoke fans began to sing along.  The song stuck and has since become an infamous anthem for the club.

I’ve purchased Delilah especially to show my support! Click to buy and don’t forget to join the campaign on Facebook.

FA Cup Final Stoke City FC vs Man City- 14th May 2011

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stoke city

There is an air of excitement around the office this week as Stoke City FC’s trip to Wembley for the FA Cup final is nearly here.

Saturday’s match that will see Stoke City play against Manchester City in their first ever FA Cup final, as you can imagine excitement towards the game is mounting.

There are a couple of lucky fans in the office who are making the trip to Wembley, whilst others will be watching here in Stoke. I’ll be watching at home with my husband Alan with my fingers crossed for a win.

My son Robert is a huge Stoke City fan and although living in Italy I am sure he will be watching the game on ESPN wishing Stoke City all the success towards victory.

It is set to be the biggest game in Stoke City’s recent history and I’m sure that Stoke-on-Trent will be alive on Saturday so a huge GOOD LUCK!!

Congratulations to Stoke City FC on their glorious Semi-Final win at Wembley!

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This week I’m going to blog about the Royal Wedding as everyone seems to be getting excited about the big day. However, I feel that it’s only appropriate to take the chance to congratulate Bath-Knight’s home town football team Stoke City FC on the glorious win at Wembley yesterday.

My son Robert is a huge Stoke City fan, as are many of the staff here at Bath-Knight. So the tremendous win (5-0 to Stoke City against Bolton Wanders) will see our local team go back to Wembley for the FA Cup Final in May.

Stoke City Semi Final Fa Cup

I listened to the match on the radio with my husband Alan, who was overjoyed by Stoke City’s win. It seems that Stoke City’s success has thrilled everyone here in Stoke-On-Trent. To celebrate I’ve implemented a Stoke City FC based incentive for the call centre staff who are especially pleased with the result.

So a huge congratulations and of course, good luck in the FA Cup Final from myself and all here at Bath-Knight.

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