Street Party Food Recipes- Union Jack Crown Biscuits

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I’ve always found that food is a fantastic way to bring people together so make plenty of party nibbles for your Diamond Jubilee street party. I’d recommend making food that the majority of people will enjoy and remember to keep recipes simple, affordable and easy to make in bulk.

I posted my sausage rolls, scotch eggs and royal cupcakes recipes during the Royal Wedding- click links to see- and I’ll be posting more of my favourite street party recipes over the week.

Today’s Union Jack Crown biscuits are easy to make and can be decorated however you like (crowns, union jacks, red white and blue) which is why I’d suggest making these with grandchildren. Once the biscuits have baked give the children some icing and let them decorate whilst you get on with another task – simple!

Diamond Jubilee Union Jack Biscuits

Top Tip: Use a cake cutter to make your biscuits extra special. This month’s edition of Woman & Home magazine is giving away a free crown cake cutter especially for the Diamond Jubilee which works really well.

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