Blackbrook Zoological Park

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Last week I took my grandson Sam, who was over from Italy visiting myself and the rest of the family to Blackbrook Zoological Park here in Staffordshire.

Our day to Blackbrook was fantastic. The zoo is one of a kind and most certainly worth visiting during the summer holiday. Even better by visiting Blackbrook you will be making a difference as Blackbrook Zoological Park is a registered charity, which relies heavy on fundraising and support through donations.

blackbrook zoological park

Sam really enjoyed the ‘World of Penguins’, which I thought was fantastic too. Featuring 28 Humboldt penguins the exhibit has an underwater viewing cave where we saw the penguins drive deep into the water and then swim back up to the surface.

With 30 acres Blackbrook has plenty to offer. I specifically enjoyed seeing the beautiful birds- the ostrich is my favourite closely followed by the Great White Pelicans. I’d recommend waiting for lunch time when the zoo keepers come out with the feed.  Sam and I used this as an opportunity to ask lots of questions to the zoo keepers who were happy to tell us lots of interesting facts.

To finish our fantastic day, we had a small bite to eat in the Scarlett Tearoom which overlooks the tropical flamingos- I can’t think of anything better than a cup of tea and slice of cake whilst watching the flamingos trotting around so gracefully.

tropical birds

Overall our day was a real triumph. It’s lovely to see such great care and attention been given to such beautiful animals. And the zoo is in excellent condition, which made our time there even more enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend Blackbrook enough- perfect for summer holidays.

Admission to Blackbrook is fairly reasonable (it’s good to take into account that the zoo is also a charity) and all information regarding how to get there and fees is located on the official website.

School holiday activities with Grandchildren- Outdoor days

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Getting out of the house and spending time outdoors is a really great way to keep children (and grandparents) active over the summer holidays.

The options of outdoor activities are pretty much endless and best of all most outdoor activities are usually free or cost very little. Here is a selection of my favourite things to do outdoors with my grandchildren;

Early morning bird watching

This is something which I did as a child and absolutely adored. Although getting little ones up at the crack of dawn might be a challenge the rewards are fantastic. Wake up early and head to a local park. Simply get the children to listen out for birds (extremely relaxing and tranquil in the early morning). If they are lucky enough to see one try and take a photo or jot down what it looked like. Count all the birds up and look them up in a bird book or online when you get home!

See The RSPB for more information about bird watching.

Bike Riding-

All children love going bike riding especially in the summer time. Try and go somewhere a little different than usual and take a picnic so that you can stop half way around for a lovely lunchoutdoor activities for grandparents and grandchildren

Fruit Picking

For a great summertime activity, take your grandchildren to a local fruit farm, where they can pick beautiful berries all afternoon- most farms will give you a basket to fill. The most exciting part of the process is taking your delicious fruit pickings home. Why not make your own summer dessert and let the children get involved too!

To find out where a Pick Your Own farm is locally search ‘pick your own farm along with your town/city/region’ in Google.

Visit a park

A classic day out that all children enjoy is a trip to the park. It doesn’t cost a penny and on a sunny day is the perfect place to spend the whole day.

Take a blanket, some nibbles and a good book so you can relax whilst the children enjoying the climbing frame. Most parks have a pond so I like to take some bread and feed the ducks- it might sound pretty simple but children really do love a simple day out with their grandparents.

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