Christmas Crafts with Grandchildren

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After watching SuperScrimpers: Waste not want not, I realised that Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. So in the time between Christmas and New Year why not enjoy time with grandchildren by digging out the craft box.

My inexpensive ideas offer the perfect chance to spend quality time with each other whilst also creating items which you will treasure forever. Clear the dining room table and get crafty!

Post-Christmas Crafts with Grandchildren

  • Homemade Thank You cards

Get the children to make a Thank You card which they can send to Santa Claus. There are plenty of design ideas on the internet but I’d suggest keeping hold of any nice wrapping papers from Christmas day. This will come in really handy and give the card a Christmassy feel, plus it’s a great way to reuse and recycle.

christmas craft cards

Once they’ve made a card why not scan it into the computer and e-mail it to relatives and friends who gave the children a Christmas gift. These adorable tokens are very much appreciated and great mementos which you can keep for years.

  • Make New Year decorations

Christmas Day maybe over but that doesn’t mean that you have nothing to look forward too. Why not give grandchildren a rest from new toys and festive films by getting them to make New Year’s decorations.

Simply use Christmas cards or gift wrap to make a variety of different decorations which will transform the house into a New Year party. Make colourful paper chains with cards or fashion a ‘Happy New Year’ banner out of used Christmas cards and ribbon.

These simple suggestions are really easy to make and look wonderful- plus they are a great way for everyone to get involved. This tutorial includes a few ideas which I’m particularly fond of.

  • Scrapbook of the Year- Organiser for 2012

I think scrapbooks are a great way to encourage children to document memorable events, and something which they can look back on. My approach is to be as creative as possible. Go digital or use more traditional method with paper scissors and glue. It really doesn’t matter. Simply use your skills to help your grandchildren document their highlights of the year.

Similarly it’s a wonderful idea to talk about upcoming event especially with children. If they’ve got a big year ahead at school make a fun list/calendar of things which they are hoping to achieve (exam results, sporting achievements, hobbies etc).


Much like making a scrapbook be creative and have fun with their hopes and expectation. Use their favourite colours to highlight specific achievements or activities. Once the list is finished put it on the fridge so that they see it every day. This is a great way to interact with each other and an affordable actively, which you will both benefit from enormously.

Favourite Christmas Leftover Recipes

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If your Christmas is anything like mine you‘ll have plenty of leftovers after the big day. A couple of weeks ago I watched SuperScrimpers: Waste not Want not and was astonished to hear how much food gets thrown away during Christmas time.

Instead of tossing leftovers in the bin I try to make other flavoursome dishes with the remains. This year I’ll be doing some of my favourites but also trying a couple of new recipes which I’ve recently discovered.


Turkey Curry

Top Tip: After Christmas dinner put any left over into suitable containers. Try and store individual ingredients separately. Freeze anything which you don’t plan on using in the next couple of days.

Turkey Curry- Curry is a favourite of mine and is a great dish to make if you’ve got company. I like to serve up a curry with rice and naan breads so that everyone can help themselves. Anjum Annand’s Turkey Nagg (mild but flavoursome) is not only deliciously but incredibly easy to make.

Turkey Tetrazzini- Growing up I always remember my mum making Turkey Tetrazzini with leftover turkey from the Christmas dinner. We always used noodles but this recipe can be made with pasta too. The basis of the recipe is very much like pasta bake making it perfect comfort food for the festive period.

Bubble and squeak cakes

Modern Bubble and Squeak

Bubble & Squeak- This can’t be far behind turkey & stuffing sandwiches when it comes to leftover classics. But remember that Bubble & Squeak doesn’t have to be boring. Use any sorts of greens including those leftover sprouts and add spice for an extra kick. BBC Good Food’s recipe is a real winner.

Something a little different…

Coronation Turkey On SuperScrimpers: Waste not Want not the Scrimpers made a host of delicious recipes with leftover turkey. I particularly liked the look of Coronation Turkey which was full of spice and dried fruits- all things which are tucked away in the cupboard. I’ll be serving this over Christmas and New Year with warm ciabatta bread. Yum.


Coronation Turkey

Turkey Chowder- On Jamie’s Christmas special he made a Turkey Chowder using leftover meat, veg and gravy. The dish looked sensational on screen, beautiful served with a dash of cream and crackers. I’m definitely planning on creating this chowder sometime soon. Fingers crossed mine will be as tasty as Jamie’s.

I hope you’re enjoying the festivities and do let me know what your favourite leftover recipes are.

SuperScrimpers waste not want not- Christmas Special

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superscrimpersI think it’s fair to say that we are all guilty of over indulging during Christmas time whether it’s buying too many presents or over spending on Christmas food shopping. However, with the current climate making an effort to cut costs should be a priority this year. 

Scrimping and saving may seem a little ‘Bah Humbug’ but in reality it’s a sensible move. I watched SuperScrimpers: Waste not Want not earlier this week (Channel 4 Wed 8pm) to see how the experts save money but still have a very merry Christmas and was pleasantly surprised with their suggestions.

The show is worth watching if you’re looking for some handy frugal tips which are really easy to employ over the next couple of weeks. Including classic ways to save pennies like homemade Christmas cards and reusing gift wrapping. The show also explores more adventurous ways to enjoy Christmas on a budge. For example how to making homemade flavoured liquor and Irish cream at a nip of the price, plus scrumptious leftover recipes that will see you through to the New Year in delicious style.

Most interestingly the show documented how much we over spend on food shopping in particular.  They challenged one family who spend £1400 on their festive groceries to cut their budget, doing Christmas lunch with a frugal £50. Using a little organisation and forward planning it was possible and looked delicious. A lesson to all of us I think you’ll agree.


Organise a budget for a cost effective Christmas

I was most delighted to see that Mrs Moneypenny, the money saving expert who explained how to get money back from energy companies during the show, suggested that workplaces swap recycled gifts at Christmas time to save money.

Great to see as here at Bath-knight we celebrate the festive period with a Recycled Secret Santa. Whereby every member of staff gets a gift which was kindly brought in by another colleague. It’s a great gesture and nice time for the company to come together and exchange gifts at the end of the year.

Overall SuperScrimpers has plenty to offer. Whether you’re looking for ways to save lots of money or simply want to find handy alternatives which will help you cut costs there is plenty of ideas on the show.

SuperScrimpers: Waste not Want not is available to watch on Channel 4 OD now.

Reuse and Recycle Recipes!

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Yesterday I read an unbelievable statistic that each year we throw away 8.3 million tonnes of food. My thoughts quickly turned to how we can stop being so waste full with food, whilst still enjoying delicious meals. The classic reuse recipe is Bubble and Squeak, which I have featured below along with some more adventurous recipes that both make the most out of left overs.

On the television tonight is ‘Supercrimpers: Waste Not Want Not’ (Channel 4, 8.30pm) a programme which is encouraging us to reuse, recycle and ultimately cut back on wasting.


reuse recipes bubble and squeak

cheese and onion tart bbc good food recipe

roast chicekn risottoe bbc good food recipe

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