Gransnet- new online site for Grandparents

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I recently read about new site ‘Gransnet’ on The Telegraph website. After reading the article I headed over to the site, which calls it members Gransnetter, to see it for myself.

granset Developed after the success of ‘Mumsnet’ the new site is aimed at the older generation and is ultimately creating an online outlet for Grandparents.

I was really impressed with everything that Gransnet has to offer. Firstly you can become a member or Gransnetter for free, from there you can explore the site at your leisure and there is plenty to feast on.

It is set up in a forum style, encouraging members to comment and leave feedback on anything which they feel passionate about. Such discussions take place on the ‘Hot Discussion Board’, where questions are put forward by fellow Gransnetters. There is an endless variety of areas covered, from personal questions about family life to more formal discussions about politics and news.

Exploring more I found that there is lots of features online from gardening, cooking, photography and do’s and don’ts. I should add that all features cleverly try to integrate how to involve your family and specifically grandchildren into such activities; making the site a hub of useful resources for all 21st century, online grandparents.


I was really happy to see that the site also has Twitter and Facebook accounts, which make the content easy to follow and encourage more elderly people to get into social networking. Even better Gransnet also has great guides which offer step by step help into social media. Offering realistic expectation like don’t expect all of your grandchildren to accept Facebook friend requests and if they do be prepared to see silly photos! This sort of thing makes Gransnet really personable, realistic and quite charming.

I’m really excited by Gransnet and will most definitely be telling my friends about it. The online site really does offer a community feel with lots of discussion and a huge variety of content. Most importantly the site is ultimately offering an online space for Grandparents something which I think is really fantastic. Thanks to Digital Unite there are lots more ‘silver suffers’ but remember that you don’t need to be a computer whiz to get involved you simply need a computer and internet connection.

So go ahead and join the discussion and become a Gransnetter!

Referendum vote – Yes or No to AV

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Polling station referndumToday the polling stations are open for voters to cast their vote in the referendum and potentially change the British voting system.

Voters will be given the chance to vote for or against changing the current voting system (First Past the Post) to the Alternative Vote System.

The referendum, which simply requires voters to vote yes or no to AV, is the first referendum in British politics for 36 years, and has seen vigorous campaigning from all political parties.

I know that understanding the workings of the different voting systems can be difficult to get a clear grasp of, and of course it is important to know what you are voting for.

I’ve found a really well explained and comprehensive guide from the Telegraph which I am sure will be a great help towards casting your vote!

Telegraph Guide- Alternative vote referendum explained


The Kate Middleton coat of arms.

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middleton coat of armsI’ve read a lot about the unveiling of Kate Middleton’s coat of arms in the news over the last couple of days. I think that the design is beautiful and love that the Middleton coat of arms represents the entire Middleton family.

I have found a great video which details the design and explains how the coat of arms will be used by both Kate and her family.

Valentine’s Day

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As it is Valentine’s Day I would like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day and share with you a lovely story which I came across in the Telegraph today.

Harry and Doris Ward met in a Bristol café in 1940, soon after Harry boarded a train, as he was off to war. On his departure, which just happened to be on 14th February 1941, the then 17 year old Harry handed his darling Doris a Valentine’s card.

The couple who married in 1942 and are now in their late 80’s have sent the same precious Valentine’s Day card to each other for the past 70 years.

The card simply reads, “Two hearts entwine this Valentine. True love makes it sincere”.

Telegraph; ‘Couple use the same recycled Valentine’s Day card for 70 years’


Valentine’s Day romance is whirling around the Bath-Knight office. I’ve just received 12 beautiful red roses from my loving husband Alan.

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