Mouth and Foot Painting Artists exhibiting at Naidex National.

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As you know from previous posts, on Monday I visited the Naidex National exhibition held at the Birmingham NEC. I have attended the event countless times and it is something which I looked forward to annually.

From a professional point of view, Naidex is a great place to showcase products but also to keep up to date with what is going on in the industry. However, this year it was lovely to see a more personal exhibit which showcased the work and talent of disabled people.

The Mouth and Foot Paintings were on display at the back of Naidex exhibition hall and exhibited by The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, some of whom were in attendance. The artists all have a disability which means the use of their hands is debilitated, so the artists paint with their mouth or toes instead.  

Mouth and foot painting artists Tom Yendell

I spoke to Mouth and Foot artist Tom Yendell who has been a part of the MFPA for 25 years; he explained that some of the artists in MFPA have always had a disability and have used art as a creative outlet for the majority of their life.

Tom also spoke about how other members have had different experiences. Some artists have suffered accidents, many sports related from rugby and diving, others from motor vehicle incidents, which have caused disabilities.

It was interesting to hear that many artists who have occurred sudden disabilities, didn’t paint before and instead have found painting a personal outlet since their accidents.

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists at Naidex National Exhibition.

It is great to see such high spirits from the artists and a great variety of work; there was everything from intrigue landscapes to contemporary artwork on display.

I was so impressed with the work from the MFPA who support their artists fantastically from funding and scholarships. It was great to see an artist at work at Naidex and I hope that the exhibition tempts more people to get involved with the MFPA.

The Camels Hump by Rudyard Kipling

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Following from my favourite poems to celebrate World Poetry Day on Monday, I would like to introduce another brilliant poem, which is perfect for children as well as adults. In fact, The Camels Hump by Ruydard Kipling is one of my daughter Lucy’s favourites. Enjoy!

 The Camels Hump by Ruydard Kipling

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