Online Christmas shopping deadlines

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christmas presentsIf you’re anything like me online shopping will be your saviour this Christmas time. Hitting the World Wide Web in search of the perfect gifts saves the hassle of the busy high street. However, there is one hitch- delivery deadlines!

Handy for us The Guardian have drawn up a ‘Christmas delivery dates 2011’ documents. Listing all of our favourites stores which sell online complete with their delivery deadlines for Christmas.

The list is definitely worth printing and keeping safe in case of any list minute emergencies. My top tip would be, where possible add an extra day to the estimated delivery date as the Christmas rush really can create havoc at post office and storing houses.

Knitted Olympic Stars by Carol Meldrum

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I was just checking out The Guardian Online and came across an adorable feature, which is perfect for any craft lovers who are particularly looking forward to the Olympics.

Renowned quirky knitter Carol Meldrum has created a series of knitted icons, which illustrates Olympics stars throughout the years.

Mark Spitz Knitted

Seb Coe and Steve Ovett

In here ‘Knitlympics’ collection, Carol has created knitted dolls of Seb Coe and Steve Ovett, high jumper Richard Fosbury, sprinters Florence Griffith-Joyner and Usain Bolt, swimmer Mark Spitz and 70’s gymnast Ogla Korbut to name a few.

The Olympic collection now sits alongside Carol’s portfolio of celebrity dolls after she has previously recreated celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, The Queen and The Beatles.

Carol Meldrum’s creations are great fun to look at and wonderful inspiration if you’re an avid knitter!

Olga Korbut knitted

Usain Bolt Knitted

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