Falklands War 30th Anniversary

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Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War which began on 2nd April 1982 when Argentinian forces invaded the Falklands Islands and conflict between Britain and Argentina begun.

Although the Falklands War was a short conflict in comparison to many- I can vividly remember it only lasting 74 days- it remains one of the most memorable wars of modern times and is a significant piece of British history.

Soldiers in the Falklands

Soldiers in the Falklands in 1982

During the conflict, which eventually saw the Argentinians surrender, 255 British soldiers were killed and 650 Argentinian troops lost their lives. Along with these deaths countless soldiers were injured many of them suffered horrific burns.

To mark 30 years a memorial service took place at Britain’s National Memorial Arboretum here in Staffordshire today where prayers of peace between the two nations were said as unease about the Falklands Islands still simmers today.

30th Anniversary Falklands War

A candle has been lit to remember those who lost life in Falklands

A candle has also been lit to at remember those who have fallen and will remain alight until 14th June- symbolising the length of the conflict which caused the loss of some many lives.

To read more about the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War visit The Royal British Legion website where full history of the conflict is detailed along with heroic personal stories and a Falklands special edition of the Poppy Press (online newsletter).

Remembrance Sunday 2011

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Yesterday the country observed two minutes silence on Remembrance Sunday in honour and respect of Armistice Day.

The Queen and other members of the royal family, all of whom have served with the forces themselves joined Her Majesty to lay a wreath at Cenotaph in Whitehall.

The Duke of Edinburgh, himself a Second World War veteran, Princes’ Charles and Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince William were all dressed in full military uniform whist attending the service of remembrance.

the queen remembrance sunday

Along with the royal family and leading politicians were some 9000 ex-service personnel and members of the general public who paraded to Whitehall passing the memorial of which has an enormous significance on such an occasion.

With many services of remembrance taking place up and down the country it is astounding to see so many people showing their love and support to our troops past and present.

Visit The Royal British Legion for more information on Remembrance services.

Annette’s Websites of the Week 7th-11th November 2011

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Annette's websites of the week


www.poppy.org.uk – On Armistice Day the Poppy Appeal couldn’t be more prevalent. Many people will be seen wearing their Poppy’s with pride today, falling silent for those who have fallen.

All this week I’ve been online supporting the Poppy Appeal. My weekly blog posts have been dedicated to the war time heroes, whose efforts and achievements have truly shaped the way which we live today.

An institution of 90 years, the Poppy Appeal is now online and has a brilliant presence. The site is full of wonderful information explaining why the appeal is still so incredibly important and features plenty of ways to get involved with the appeal yourself.

andy murray

With a running total of how much the 2011 appeal has risen thus far, the site is beautiful presented with poppies and a campaign featuring famous faces (Andy Murray and Helen Mirren to name a few) encouraging people to remember.

Furthermore the appeal has launched a Poppy Shop, which is available exclusively through the site. Selling all sorts of memorabilia from jewelled poppies, which I’ve brought myself, music, books, badges, pins and other accessories it’s a great hub to produce more money for the appeal.

All in all a brilliant digital channel for the Poppy Appeal.


www.shouldertoshoulder.org.uk – Following the Poppy Appeal on Twitter I discovered ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ a brilliant interactive website which visually collates the public support for the appeal and the Armed Forces.

Annette Royal British LegionBy simply uploading a photograph of yourself, adding a message of remembrance you will be featured in a stunning online Polaroid gallery of support.

Currently 17,261 people have taken part in the campaign which brilliantly reflects the strong public support for the 90th Poppy Appeal – quite astonishing. Having read some of the messages featured it’s a brilliant idea and true credit to all involved.

Here in the office we’ve uploaded our own photographs which are now sitting proudly shoulder to shoulder with many of your images and loving messages. Why not have a go yourself its great fun and a wonderful way to show how much you care about the Armed Forces.


www.ancestry.co.uk – Genealogy websites are hugely popular as they allow people to trace their family history, discovering unknown facts about their ancestors.

Building up an in depth family tree can be extremely exciting as it’s something which the entire family can get involved with. This week I’m sure that many people will have thought about family members who were involved in war time efforts many years.


This week only anacestry.co.uk is offering free entry to World War I records, which reveal service records, pension records, photographs, medical history, award dates and recordings and conduct information of servicemen during the First World War.

All of the information featured is legitimate and therefore can be a trusted resource. Normally, this information would only be available with a membership charge – the perfect chance to find out more about your war time family history.

90 Years of Heroes- Sergeant Henry Tandey

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A strong supporter of The Royal British Legion I believe that the Poppy Appeal is as important now as it was back in 1921. So forth for each sale which Bath-Knight receives during Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November 2011 a donation from Bath-Knight will be made to The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

poppy banner

This week I’ve shared a selection of spectacular stories of war heroes, taken from ’90 Years of Heroes’, to commemorate Armistice Day.

On the 11/11/11 I’ve decided to feature the astonishing story of World War I’s Sergeant Henry Tandey. Recognised as ‘the most highly decorated private soldier of the First World War’, he received the Victoria Cross- the highest award for bravery- in September 1918.

Born in 1891 Henry joined the pre- war British Army in 1910 and spent some time in South Africa before the breakout of war in 1914.

During the Battle of First Ypres in 1914 and the Somme in 1916 Henry served with the 2nd Battalion. In Somme Henry became wounded, upon recovery he returned with 9th Battalion at the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917, where once again he suffered an injury.

Henry TandeyFinally returning to health and the forces, Henry joined The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, which remained his regiment until the end of the war. It was here that Henry earned his astounding honours and recognition for outstanding service.

In August 1918 Henry was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal after leading his bombing party forward and successfully capturing 20 prisoners. Only a couple of weeks later in September 1918 Henry Tandey was awarded the Military Medal for a similar incident which lead to the successful capture of prisoners.

However, it was in late September 1918 that Henry Tandey truly shone. In an operation to force a crossing on the Canal Di Nord with his battalion Tandy and his fellow comrades came under intense machine gun fire. Henry scuttled forward to silence the gun fire, whilst under fire he went onto a repair the plank bridge so that his platoon could cross safety.

Upon crossing Henry and a number of others came across a counterattack from Germans, surrounded and outnumbered Henry Tandey took charges and co-ordinated a bayonet style charge. Forcing the enemy back resulted in 37 been captured. Successfully ensuring that his fellow troops were safe and the enemy was captured Henry spared little thought of his own safety and was in fact wounded during the incident.

A highly distinguished soldier Sergeant Henry Tandey displayed the upmost courage of which credited him the honoured of receiving the Victoria Cross for is bravery in combat. A great story, which I felt was incredibly appropriate today, Armistice Day.

Read more abotut the Poppy Appeal here.

90 Years of Heroes – Warrant Officer Mick Flynn

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A strong supporter of The Royal British Legion I believe that the Poppy Appeal is as important now as it was back in 1921. So forth for each sale which Bath-Knight receives during Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November 2011 a donation from Bath-Knight will be made to The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

 poppy banner

For the last 30 years modern day conflicts have called upon our troops to be sent to war. The Falkland War, trouble in Northern Ireland, conflict in Bosnia and most recently wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are all events which I remember happening. I can recall reading about them in the newspapers and watching footage on the television.

As I recall these events through media resources Warrant Officer Mick Flynn was there on the front line of each battle. Serving for his country in some of the most dangerous and intense battles of modern day history.

Born in 1960 Mick joined the army aged 16 and despite taking 10 years out in the 90’s he rose up the ranks. In 2003 Mick Flynn was honoured with the ultimate accolade for his bravery receiving the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his actions in Iraq.

Mick FlynnFlynn was commanding a Scimitar- a reconnaissance vehicle which was exploring territory upon suddenly finding the entire Iraqi 4th Armoured Division, adding to the discovery it was noted that Flynn’s vehicle ‘called down more artillery fire than any other in the war’.

Further, Mick successfully held back enemy tanks, allowing wounded troops who had been caught up in friendly fire to be evacuated. For seven days Warrant Officer Mick Flynn was in the midst of a deadly ‘cat and mouse’ game with Iraqi forces, upholding no thought for his own safety he fired attacks whilst been outnumbered and in an incredibly dangerous position.

A force to be reckoned with only a couple of years later, whilst on tour in Afghanistan, Mick showed an enormous amount of courage once again. Whilst leading four armoured vehicles they were suddenly ambushed. Mick’s Scimitar was under heavy fire but not destroyed. However, the carrier behind was not so lucky.

Immersed in flames the chances of Mick’s colleagues surviving were low, relentlessly Mick went back. Having to defend himself and the crew against Taliban, a troop was pulled to safety. Although suffering terrible burns the soldier survived thanks to Warrant Officer Mick Flynn’s decision to return.

For his fighting spirit and determination to secure the safety of his colleagues Mick was awarded a Military Cross, another honour to highlight him incredible courage.

It’s wonderful to see a soldier who has experienced conflicts which have played out in my life time to be so highly thought after. Warrant Officer Mick Flynn is not only recognised for his wealth of experience but for his ability to fearlessly take control. These attributes have cemented him into a position of admiration by his fellow servicemen and women and the general public alike.

Read more about the Poppy Appeal.

The Royal British Legion, 90 Years of Heroes- James ‘Ginger’ Lacey

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A strong supporter of The Royal British Legion I believe that the Poppy Appeal is as important now as it was back in 1921. So forth for each sale which Bath-Knight receives during Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November 2011 a donation from Bath-Knight will be made to The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

poppy banner

Matt Croucher’s 90 Years of Heroes is filled with heroic tales and stories that truly are a pleasure to read, which makes picking a handful to feature here on my blog extremely difficult. So I’ve thought about stories which somehow relate and represent aspects of my own life.

In 1989 I began a new venture and created Bath-Knight. Having never experienced running my own business before it was a period of trepidation. I didn’t know what to expect so quickly realised that I had to learn quick and be as efficiently as possible.

Armed with a good work ethic and ever growing knowledge, 1989 turn out to be a great year, and one which marks the beginning of a business which continues to bring success. With this in mind I decided that I should look into 1989 in the book.

In 90 Years of Heroes 1989 is represented by James ‘Ginger’ Lacey a Royal Air Force pilot whose contributions and achievements were truly heroic.

Known as Ginger, James Lacey was a gifted Yorkshire man who many believe was destined to be pilot. Having become the highest scoring Hurricane pilot during the Battle of Britain and the second top scoring RAF pilot in the Second World War, Ginger was ranked highly amongst his colleagues and the general public alike.

Ginger Lacey

Ginger Lacey pictured

Rising the ranks Ginger began his career as a RAF Reserve in 1937 and was called up as a sergeant pilot on the outbreak of the Second World War, committed to the Battle of France Ginger saw his first bout of success. However, with success came danger as he crashed his own plane nearly drowning.

Cementing his status during the Battle of Britain Ginger was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Flying Medal in 1940 for his work, having shot down 18 German aircrafts whilst been forced to land his own plane nine times.

In 1944 after a spell as an instruction at a specialised operation training unit, Ginger returned to the front line for the final time. As a flight lieutenant he again saw great victory shooting down a Japanese Ki 43 ‘Oscar’.

A phenomenal career Ginger achieved undeniable success scoring a total of ‘28 enemy aircrafts destroyed, five probably and nine damaged’ making him a true hero and credit to the British Armed Forces.

In 1989, as I was staring my flight into the world of business, James ‘Ginger’ Lacey passed away aged 72 leaving behind a legacy of flying. For many, including myself, Ginger’s tale is one of true passion and dedication. He devoted his life to something which he loved –flying- and in doing so made a remarkable impact.

Read more about the Poppy Appeal.

Rosemary Powell in ‘The Royal British Legion 90 Years of Heroes’

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A strong supporter of The Royal British Legion I believe that the Poppy Appeal is as important now as it was back in 1921. So forth for each sale which Bath-Knight receives during Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November 2011 a donation from Bath-Knight will be made to The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

poppy appeal banner

90 Years of Heroes, the book complied by Matt Croucher GC has been described as a ‘fitting tribute’ by Prime Minister David Cameron and I couldn’t agree more.

I was delighted when the book arrived this weekend, filled with beautiful imagery of war heroes past and present the book celebrates 90 heroes who have played important roles within the Armed Forces and The Royal British Legion.

Rosemary Powell 1

Rosemary- First Poppy Appeal

With so many incredible tales I plan on sharing a story from the book every day this week, as a tribute to Remembrance Day right here on my blog.

The story which immediately struck a chord with me was the tale of Rosemary Powell aged 96, the oldest and most loyal poppy seller in the Legion’s history.

Rosemary’s story began back in 1921 at the very first Poppy Appeal. With close connections to the First World War, her own father was a serviceman and fought in Indian Army during the war. Rosemary and her mother were happy to volunteer as poppy sellers in what would become a true tradition for many, many years.

Aged 6 it was on Twickenham Bridge, London that Rosemary started to sell poppies, a symbol of remembrance for all those who had fallen. With astounding support Rosemary recalls how supplies quickly ran out, forcing her mother to buy crepe paper to create more.

Rosemary Powell 02

More recently outside 10 Downing St

Since that day Rosemary has continued to sell poppies and represent the Legion. Her connection with the Forces have also reminded strong as her own husband served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, bringing Rosemary ever closer to the Legion and its purpose.

Rosemary’s story provides an astonishing link with The Poppy Appeal and its history. As she has seen the appeal and its success grow in front of her own eyes.

Personally the story of Rosemary Powell offers tremendous inspiration whilst also triggering many questions which we often forget about. What impact has The Royal British Legion had on Poppy sellers’ lives? And what significance does the Poppy have to them? Furthermore Rosemary is proof that anyone can be a true and valued hero with enough dedication, effort, love and support for a great cause.

Purchase 90 Years of Heroes from the official Poppy Store here.

Poppy Appeal celebrating 90 years- 90 Years of Heroes

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Last week the 2011 Poppy Appeal was launched and with an enormous amount of media attention it comes as no surprise that lots of people are purchasing poppies and getting into the spirit of the appeal.

This year is hugely important as The Royal British Legion is celebrating 90 years of the appeal. For many this milestone represents the success of the Legion who has offered sublime support to servicemen and women throughout.

A strong supporter I’ve always taken a particular interest in what the Legion are doing to secure further support. Whilst reading the news I came across ‘90 Years of Heroes’, a book by Matt Croucher GC, which documents the history of The Royal British Legion.

90 years of heroesThe collection of memories and stories represents the Legion’s impacted on service personal throughout its history and is set to capture 90 tremendous years of The Royal British Legion with the help of servicemen and women who have benefited from the organisation (I’ve ordered a copy which will be arriving soon).

I’m highly anticipating the stories of each hero featured. However, there is one particular story which I am specifically looking forward to exploring. Having read about Rosemary Powell in a newspaper article I can’t wait to discover her story in more detail.  

Aged 96 Rosemary is the oldest and longest service volunteer for the Legion. Aged 6 she began selling poppies with her mother in the first ever appeal in 1921. Every year since Rosemary has sold poppies and astonishingly is still selling them today- personally representing the appeal for its entirety.

It’s great to see that Rosemary’s story is featured in the book as she is truly inspirational. It goes without saying that without such generous and heroic supporters The Royal British Legion wouldn’t have been so successful. Rosemary and her tremendous efforts are certainly worth congratulating.

I’ll look forward to reading more stories from 90 Years of Heroes when it arrives in the post, until then I’ll be reading more about the 90th Poppy Appeal online.

Launch of Poppy Appeal 2011

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90 royal british legionThe Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal is a long standing tradition which plays a huge role in supporting our Armed Forces, past and present. This morning Lance Corporal Tyler Christopher of 4 Rifles launched the Poppy Appeal 2011.

Quite spectacularly 2011 celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Poppy Appeal which was founded in 1921, inspired by John McCrae’s poem Flanders’ Fields. In those 90 years a loyal following has created unprecedented support for The Royal British Legion, whose work ensures that those who have sacrificed their lives will be remembered.

Personally I have always strongly supported the Poppy Appeal and will continue to do so in the years to come. My passion towards the Poppy Appeal has been present within Bath-Knight too. Over the years we have made generous donations to the appeal, featuring the Poppy Appeal in print advertising campaigns to encourage further support.

As The Poppy Appeal celebrates 90 years here at Bath-Knight our support will continue to grow. This year we will be digitally supporting the campaign via our official website and here on my blog, hopefully our efforts will help The Royal British Legion reach their fundraising goal of £40 million.

Collecting-for-the-Royal british legion

Over the coming weeks I’ll be keeping you posted about Poppy Appeal 2011 including ways that you can show your support and incredible stories from war time heroes who have carried out astonishing work for The Royal British Legion.

Read more about the Poppy Appeal and The Royal British Legion now.

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