Olympic Torch Relay- Ireland to York

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Olympic Torch banner

The Olympic Torch Relay is now in the 33rd day of its tour around the United Kingdom. Since my last torch relay post the iconic flame has travelled from Ireland, toured Scotland and travelled through the North East of England to York, where the reply began today.

olympic torch on a steam train

Olympic Torch on a stream train

st andrews olympic flame

Chariots of Fire recreation at St Andrews

During the last week or so of the Olympic Tour Relay have been somewhat overshadowed by other sporting events. England are playing in the Euro 2012 football tournament which has dominated most sporting headlines so you might be unaware that the Olympic Torch has abseiled down The Saga Music Centre in Gateshead, ridden on a steam train in York, prompted a marriage proposal in Middlesbrough and helped recreates a scene from one of Scotland most iconic film, ‘Chariots of Fire’ in St Andrews.

Abseiling olympic torch

Abseiling down The Saga Music Centre in Gateshead

The Torch truly is making a huge impact on the people of Great Britain and touring the country in the most spectacular style. I can’t wait to see what else the Olympic Torch Relay organisers have in store as it makes its way through Lancashire and the Midlands before it heads to the south of England.

50 Days until the Olympics 2012

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Olympic Torch banner

Today marks 50 days until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games and also the 20th day of the Olympic Torch Relay. Last time I posted about the Torch Relay it had travelled through Stoke-On-Trent and the surrounding area.

Since its travels through North Staffordshire the Torch has made its way through the North West, visiting Bolton, Southport and home of The Beatles, Liverpool. It then flew to the Isle of Man where torchbearers travel around the island with the Olympic Torch before heading to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

olympic torch giants causeway

Olympic Torch at Giants Causeway

Whilst in Ireland the Torch Relay ventured to the beautiful Giants Causeway, Londonderry and Dublin whilst been carried by various well known torchbearers. Today the Irish comedian, Patrick Kielty carried the torch and Irish Olympic Boxers, Wayne McCullough and Michael Carruth had the honour of carrying the flame yesterday.

A more random choice of torchbearer was X-Factor and Eurovision Song Contest competitors, Jedward, who ran through central Dublin with the flame. Although the Irish twins have little connection to sport their appearance at the Torch Relay was a real crowd pleaser and helped to bring the Olympic 2012 spirit to Ireland.

With a boost of excitement from last weekend’s Diamond Jubilee and only 50 days to go, anticipation for the London 2012 Olympic Games is starting to grow and I am certainly looking forward to the start of the Games.

Olympic Torch travel through Stoke-On-Trent

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Olympic Torch banner

Only 12 days into the Olympic Torch Relay the Olympic Torch has made it to Bath-Knight’s hometown, Stoke-On-Trent.

Travelling from Chester and through parts of Shropshire yesterday, the Torch arrived in Stoke-On-Trent late yesterday afternoon with the city’s first and only Olympic gold medallist, Imran Sherwani, who won gold in the men’s hockey final at the 1988 Olympic Games.

Imran Sherwani Olympic Torch Stoke on Trent

Imran Sherwani brings the Olympic Torch to Stoke-on-Trent

Imran carried the torch to Hanley Forrest Park, which was host to a free celebratory concert in honour of the Olympic Torch’s presence in the city. Early this morning the flame travelled through Cobridge, Burlsem and Middleport before making its way to Crewe and on to the North West.

Tony Pulis Olympic Torch

Stoke City FC Manager, Tony Pulis, started today’s relay carrying the torch from The Potteries Museum in Hanley before passing it on to another Torchbearer chosen to carry the torch through North Staffordshire.

It’s fantastic to see that so many local people made the effort to come out last night and early this morning to see the Olympic Torch pass through the city of Stoke-on-Trent as the event really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a great pleasure to see.

The Olympic torch in Stoke on Trent

Local Torchbearers in Stoke-On-Trent

Further north the torch has reached Jodrell Bank where it went to the top of the telescope with comedian, John Bishop, who recently took part in a mammoth triathlon from Paris to London for Sport Relief. A friend of mine, who saw the torch at Jodrell Bank, has sent over some fantastic photos of the comedian John carrying the torch.

John Bishop Olympic Torch

John Bishop carrying Olympic Torch at Jodrell Bank

I’d love to know if the Olympic Torch has visited your hometown yet so feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

Olympic Torch Relay days 1-4

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Olympic Torch banner

The Olympic Torch Relay is in full swing and since starting on Saturday the torch has travelled from Land’s End to Plymouth, Plymouth on to Exeter and Exeter to Taunton in Somerset where today’s stretch of the relay began. Now in the fourth day of the relay the torch is en route to Bristol before making its way to Cheltenham tomorrow.

Excitement has travelled with the Torch since the relay began on Saturday as record numbers of spectators have turned out to see the flame travel through their home town. In most cases people from the local community have carried the flame however a couple of familiar faces have popped up along the way.

Ben Ainsile Torch Relay

Ben Ainsile with Olympic Torch at Land’s End

Adventurer Ben Fogle carried a lantern containing the Olympic flame in a hot air balloon whilst the relay visited the Eden Project and Olympians Jonathan Edwards and Amy Williams have both ran part of the relay. A more obscure choice of Torchbearer was singer and The Voice coach Will.i.am who carried it the flame Taunton yesterday.

Although there has been lots of excitement surrounding the relay it’s not been completely fault free as the flame went out when David Follett, a Torchbearer using a wheelchair was carrying the flame in Devon. Fortunately the team were able to relight the torch with the mother flame and the relay was back on track.

Amy Williams with Olympic Torch

Amy Williams carrying the Olympic Torch

The torches themselves have also made headlines as some Torchbearers have auctioned their torches on online auction site eBay. One of the torches fetched more than £150,000, which the Torchbearer will reportedly be donating to a charitable cause that she’s passionate about.

The torch will reach Staffordshire next week but in the meantime I’ll be keeping track of the flames whereabouts here on the blog. I’d love to know if you’ve seen the torch or are a torchbearer so please feel free to leave a comment below.

Olympic Flame to land in Britain

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Olympic Torch banner

Last week the Olympic Flame was lit in Olympia before setting off on a seven day tour of Greece. Now the flame has been passed over to British delegates, Princess Anne, David Beckham, London mayor Boris Johnson and London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe who will transport the flame to Britain this afternoon.

The team will fly to Britain with the flame and like lots of people I was fascinated to discover how the flame stays alight on board the aircraft. Apparently it is transferred into a ceremonial lantern where it can safely burn for 30 hours before been transferred back to the torch for the start of the relay.


Princess Anne with Olympic Flame

When the flame arrives this evening it’s suspected that Princess Anne will carry the flame off the plane and onto British soil. Tomorrow morning the long awaited relay will begin in Land’s End where Olympian Ben Ainslie will run the first 300 meters of the 70 day relay that involved 8000 torchbearers and a mammoth 8000 miles before arriving at the Olympic Stadium on 27th July.

Talking of torchbearers I read an interesting article today on Saga’s website that looks into the variety of torchbearers who will be taking part. They featured ten torchbearers who were successfully selected and are all aged between 57 and 94. As a sporting event it’s easy to think that those involved in the Olympic Torch Relay will all be young, fit and incredibly athletic. But that’s not the case as the Olympic committee carefully selected people from all areas, backgrounds and generations which is a brilliant way of getting everyone excited about the Games.

Click here for route of the Torch Relay.

2012 Olympic Flame officially lit in Greece

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Olympic Torch banner

Seeing the Olympic flame here in Britain during the Olympic Torch Relay will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people and a spirit of excitement is starting to show as the Olympic flame was officially lit in the ancient birthplace of the Games, Olympia in Greece this morning.

Although I’m familiar with the tradition of the Olympic Flame travelling via the Torch Relay and then burning for the entirety of the Games. It wasn’t until today that I realised that the flame was still created in a traditional manner of sunrays beaming into a parabolic mirror which I have to say was rather special to watch albeit via the news.

Today’s flame lighting ceremony is a significant moment in the run up to the London 2012 Games as it signifies the beginning of the flame’s journey to The Opening Ceremony at The Olympic Stadium on 27th July 2012.

lighting the olympic flame in olympia

Lighting the Olympic Flame in Olympia

Now the flame will tour Greece and the island of Crete for a week before it is flown over to Britain (amazingly the flame will remain alight whilst in transit) where it will finally begin its 70 day tour of Great Britain on the 18th May.

I’m planning to watch the torch as it passes through Staffordshire on 30th May and particularly looking forward to see Torchbearer Rita Banks. A local lady who has been an active member of her local running club for the past 40 years, after achieving a world record for running 52 marathons in one year (wow), Rita who is now 68 still continues to run competitively which is magnificent.

London 2012 Olympic Torchbearers and Relay route revealed

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Today the official details of the Olympic Torch Relay have been released along with the 8,000 names of torchbearers who will be carrying the iconic Olympic flame across the United Kingdom.

The Olympic Torch Relay will start in Land’s End on 19th May and take 70 days to tour the country including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland before arriving at the Olympic Park in London on 27th July for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

As the 8000 names of torchbearers were revealed this morning a host of fantastic stories have emerged as to why they received the honour of carrying the flame – each bearer will travel around 300 meters with the Olympic flame before passing it to another bearer.

London 2012 torch

The Olympic Torch Realy route was officially revealed today

Many torchbearers have worked in the local community raising extraordinary amounts of money for charity or achieved sporting accolades. Fantastically the oldest torchbearer will be 99 year old Diana Gould from London who will carry the torch through her local community.

Diana, who has lived in London since being a young child, was nominated by her family to become an Olympic torchbearer as they thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate her 100th birthday which takes place during the relay in May.

Fittingly Diana has spent much of her life enjoying sport and played badminton until the age of 86. Even now Diana takes part in two exercise classes each week which is a real inspiration for everyone to get fit and healthy.


Over 8000 Torchbearers will carry the flame

Since it was announced that Diana would become a torchbearer she has spoken about not being able to watch the 1948 London Olympics due to her family not having a television or the money to attend the games despite living in London at the time and how happy she is to be a part of London 2012.

The Olympic Torch Relay promises to be within 10 miles of 95% of the population and has great excitement in store as not only will torchbearers walk, jog and run with the flame but in some cases abseil, skywalk, row and ice skated throughout the 8000 mile tour.

Check out the official Olympic website to see when the Olympic Torch will be in a town or city near you.

Olympic torchbearers revealed!

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What an exciting day for Olympic Torchbearer hopefuls as anyone who has applied to carry the iconic Olympic torch during the 2012 torch relay will find out their fate this morning.

Over 8000 torchbearers will be selected to participate in the torch relay, which has become an Olympic tradition in the run up to the games. The relay starting on 19th May 2012 will run the entire length of the country, covering an estimated 1018 villages, town and cities nationwide before arriving in London on 27th July for the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

seb coe with olympic torch

Those lucky enough to carry the torch have been carefully selected as individuals who have inspirational stories and have made brilliant contributions to sport in their local community or Great Britain.

Upon the arrival of today’s news a select few torchbearers will be revealed to the public with Lord Sebastian Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games. It is undoubtedly a wonderful achievement to become an Olympic Torchbearer so I would like to say a big well done to all of those who have today become successful torchbearers.

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