Huang Guofu Chinese foot and mouth artist

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Over the weekend I was reading about Huang Guofu, a Chinese foot and mouth artist who has become well known for his artwork across the world.

Huang Guofu has a fascinating background as he had both arms amputated age of 4 after an accident involving an electric shock. He later when on to teach himself how to paint with his feet, then travelled across China selling his work on the streets. After been prompted to venture into mouth painting Huang did so seeing a huge improvement in his work, and has since become a favourite of fans and art dealers alike.

huang guofu chinese foot and mouth artist

Art work by foot and mouth artist Huang Guofu

Regular readers will know that I recently brought a piece by Trevor Wells, a mouth and foot artist who was exhibiting his work at Naidex National in April. The wide variety of piece on display by MFPA at the exhibition was fantastic and brought my attention to how talented these artists really are. 

It’s great to see such brilliant work in the media and importantly highlighting the fact that there is an art community out there for everyone. Hopefully the media attention of Huang Guofu will encourage an interest in foot and mouth artists across the board, as discovering such artwork is fascinating.

If you would like to get more information about The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists click here.


The Mouth & Foot Painting Artists by Trevor Wells

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To round up my week all about Naidex National I’m going to write a little more about The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists who were exhibiting at the event.

I was taken aback by the art work which The MFPA had on display and decided to purchase a piece myself. All of the work on display was beautiful and creative, and with so much variety that there really was something for everyone’s taste.

I spent quite some time deciding which one to get but I eventually went with a beautiful woodland scene by Trevor Wells.

Trevor Wells is a highly thought after Mouth artists who discovered his artistic abilities after an accident playing rugby aged 21, from there he used art as a rehabilitation activity and it has since become a passion.

I love the pieces and it will be hung in my office for all to admire.

Trevor Wells

I’m off to Brighton this weekend to support my daughter Lucy, who is running the marathon for Woofability!

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