Good Care Guide – Review site for eldercare and childcare facilities

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Good Care Guide, a website which allows users to rate and review care facilities for elderly people and children has been launched this week.  The elderly sector specifically has questioned whether or not such sites are appropriate.

Like Trip Advisor the Good Care Guide (GCG) allows users to review their experiences- good or bad. Reviews are published online allowing other users to read and take into consideration when deciding upon an elderly care home or childcare centre for loved ones.

Good Care Guide

New review website - Good Care Guide

The ‘user experience’ element of the site is something which interests me greatly. A huge believer in sharing experiences I regularly take recommendation on board and so do my customers. Many Bath-Knight customers recommend us to friends and family and these word of mouth recommendations have brought us great success over the years.

So generally I think that an archive of personal reviews, cleverly stored on a single online database, has the potential to be a great resource. Plus it adds a new dynamic to the way that we reviewed and assessed care facilities.

However it’s difficult to ignore the nature of these specific reviews. Writing about incredibly personal and in some cases sensitive subjects, many reviews will be emotionally charged. For these reasons I can’t help but feel that some established care facilities may fall victim to reviews which don’t truly reflect their services.

Good Care Guide ladies

Hopefully the website will be used alongside other resources

I’ve also read that healthcare professionals are concerned that the site maybe be used as a playground for naming and shaming and I can understand their concern- it’s often said that people are more likely to write about a negative experience more so than a positive one. But if the correct safeguards are put in place to ensure reliability and balance I can’t see why Good Care Guide won’t be an informative site to visit.

Overall I’d hope to think that people would use the site as a resource which they can combine with more official information; local authority reports, staff levels and quality of care. I’d also suggest remembering that your opinion may differ from someone else’s so take each review with a pinch of salt and read a handful to get a general idea.

Holiday Tips!

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It’s summertime and for many that means a much awaited summer holiday. Getting away is a great way to distress and enjoy time with family and friends- the perfect chance to read a good book and forget about the woes and worries which a day to day routine brings.

But often simply preparing for a holiday can be frustrating and stressful. This is why I’m sharing my top holiday tips to make getting ready for holiday as easily as possible!

Senior Couple on the Beach

  • Write a list- Jot down everything you think you will need for your holiday. I like to put things into categories such as essentials, toiletries, clothing and bits and bobs. This way you can work out what you’ve already got and circle thing you need to purchase.
  • Travelling- Think about your mode of transport and how it might affect your break. For example if you’re on a long haul flight pack flight socks to avoid the risk of DVT’s. If you’re travelling by train or coach think about buying some nibbles to make the journey more enjoyable.
  • Luggage- Weigh your bag before arriving at the airport to ensure it’s within the flight operator’s baggage allowance. Additionally think carefully about what to put in hand luggage. Remember to carry medication with you in case of delay or the dreaded missing bag situation.
  • Research- Use as many resources as possible to find out about your destination before you arrive. The internet is a great place to find honest advice from people who have actually visited the area. I like to read Trip Advisor for reviews on hotels, restaurants and things to do. I’d also suggest a trusty guide book- a pocket size one is perfect to carry in a bag whilst on holiday.
  • Perfect book- Make sure you leave enough room for a good book, crossword puzzles or travel board game. These are great ways to stay entertained and relaxed whilst on holiday. To save room I like to take my E-Reader as its fits nicely into my bag and I can carry as many books with me as I like.
  • Tell someone your away- This might sound obvious but ensure you tell a member of your family, a friend or a neighbour that you’re away. Leave them your hotel and flight details along with a key in case of emergencies.
  • Finally… enjoy your holiday. Relax and have a great time!

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Gransnet, Trip Advisor, From Britian with Love

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As I spend lots of time online, and would like to encourage others to make the most of the digital world, I’ve decided to add a new weekly feature to my blog.

Annette’s Websites of the Week’ will be updated every Friday and will document the sites that I have visited a lot during the week. I’d like to show you the variety of resources available online and give you my recommendations of sites to visit.

I hope you enjoy my picks and I would love to hear about your favourite websites.

This week’s websites… – A lovely website which is quintessentially British.

from Britain with loveFrom Britain with Love supports creative British talents and showcases such work. Visually the site is beautiful and really makes you want to go back and see more. I love the craft section and really enjoyed reading the blog. Overall it’s a really lovely site packed with lots of inspiration, a pleasure to click through. -Online site for Grandparents.

gransnet logoI wrote a blog earlier in the week about new site Launched only last week Gransnet is an online community for Grandparents to meet and discuss whatever they like. I really like the format of the site and love that it is encouraging its members to join in the hundreds of discussions in the online forum. I’m confident that there is something for everyone on Gransnet as it genuinely is packed with information about EVERYTHING from grandparents rights to must have play time essentials. For me is a definite recommend. – Travel review site.

I’m new to Trip Advisor so can’t go into too much detail. However, I have spent some time on the site this week as I am currently planning a trip to Italy. Trip Advisor basically allows members to write their own reviews (and add photos) on destinations, hotels, tours, restaurants etc.. I think that the concept is brilliant as it adds great variety and honest opinions.

trip advisor

However, for that reason I would most definitely recommend reading a handful of reviews to get an overall view. It is important to keep in mind that we all have different opinions and different expectations from a holiday so don’t be surprised by a couple of negatives comments.

I read trip advisor alongside a Thomas Cook guide book for added support of travel experts and would most certain recommend making full use of all your resources.

Overall I think that Trip Advisor is a really helpful site with plenty to offer. Even better you can contribute yourself and it’s completely free!

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