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As yesterday was Valentine’s Day I felt it was appropriate to comment on the recent news that over 60’s have become the fastest growing group of internet daters.

Dubbed as ‘The Goldie’s’ by The Telegraph in an article today- a combination of Glamorous and Oldies. I find the recent revelations of people aged sixty plus (sorry Goldie’s) becoming so successful in online dating wonderfully refreshing.

Their success in finding the perfect spouse via the internet is positive for two reasons. Firstly because it shows that a significant number of over 60’s are online and making good use of the resources which the internet offers. Secondly hundreds, if not thousands of people are finding happiness, love and companionship which they previously didn’t have. That can never be a negative.

online dating for over 60s

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular with over 60s

So why are over 60’s so successful at dating online? It’s said that their realistic and honest outlook on life plays a big part in their success. With good life experience many 60 plus daters aren’t interested in playing games or wasting other people times. It’s said that most people over 60 have the most honest and informative online profiles ensuring that no one is misled.

Of course some people may be worried about dating online as the notion of not physically knowing who you’re talking to can be a little off putting. So it’s worth sparing the time to find a trusted online community that specialising in services for over 60’s.

dating over 60

Online dating... modern way to find companionship?

Recommend sites include www.maturedating.com, www.datingover60.com, and www.over50.com all of which are designed with an older audience in mind, many of whom maybe looking for companionship after a loss or significant time spent alone.

I should note that it’s worth remembering online dating isn’t for everyone so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work for you. The challenge of trying something different could uplift your spirits and open your mind to new opportunities.

In the Valentine’s spirit we have extended our Luxury for Less offer- this time calling the 15% discount Love Luxury for Less this February. For more information including term and conditions please visit the Bath-Knight website.

Valentine’s Day

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Sometimes words can’t describe our feelings on Valentine’s Day, so we thought we’d put together our favourite pictures of Valentine’s Day 2012… Enjoy!

Her first Valentine’s Day as The Duchess of Cambridge sadly had to be spent without the company of husband The Duke of Cambridge who is currently in the Falkland’s. Despite such the Duchess carried out one of her first solo engagements today in the city of Liverpool.

Duchess of Cambridge with Valentine's roses

Duchess of Cambridge on Valentine's Day

During her time in the city, Catherine received lots of cards and flowers. However, our favourite was the beautiful bunch of red roses and love heart cupcake from eight year old Jaqson who’d prepared a speech to say upon meeting the Duchess.

Duchess of Cambridge Valentine Cupcake

Jaqson loves Kate cupcake

It has also been revealed that a Valentine’s Day card sent by Princess Diana in 1989, a practical joke she played on one of her favoured royal housekeepers, has been sold at auction for a whopping £8000.

Princess Diana Valentine's card

Princess Diana Valentine's card

Elsewhere Google has released special Valentine’s Doodle featuring a young boy and girl in love- adorablegoogle-doodle

Google doodle

google doodle

In China a girl has been photographed wearing a dress made from 9,999 red rose. Whilst wearing the rose petal dress her partner proposed asking for her hand in marriage. The couple hope that the 9,999 roses will bring them good luck.

valentine wedding proposal in rose dress

Red Rose Dress

Meanwhile I’ve found some adorable Valentine’s Day animals- micro pigs, penguins and even giraffes. Even those who prefer not to celebrate or acknowledge Valentine’s Day will find it difficult to resist saying ‘aww’.

Valentine's micro pigs

Micro Pigs for Valentine's Day

Love heart chested penguin

Love heart chested penguin



Valentine’s Day

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As it is Valentine’s Day I would like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day and share with you a lovely story which I came across in the Telegraph today.

Harry and Doris Ward met in a Bristol café in 1940, soon after Harry boarded a train, as he was off to war. On his departure, which just happened to be on 14th February 1941, the then 17 year old Harry handed his darling Doris a Valentine’s card.

The couple who married in 1942 and are now in their late 80’s have sent the same precious Valentine’s Day card to each other for the past 70 years.

The card simply reads, “Two hearts entwine this Valentine. True love makes it sincere”.

Telegraph; ‘Couple use the same recycled Valentine’s Day card for 70 years’


Valentine’s Day romance is whirling around the Bath-Knight office. I’ve just received 12 beautiful red roses from my loving husband Alan.

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