Annette’s Websites of the Week 2nd -6th January 2012

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Annette's websites of the week

Last year I started to document my favourite websites and post them here on my blog. The feature ‘Annette’s Websites of the Week’ has turned out to be a real hit, which is why I’ve decided to continue my recommends this year too. Enjoy… – The British Heart Foundation have started 2012 with a bang after revealing their latest campaign ‘Hands-Only CPR’ featuring former footballer and Hollywood film star Vinnie Jones.

The campaign is brilliantly funny (I’d definitely recommend watching the TV advert- featured here) mainly because it’s completely unexpected. A series of funny anecdotes explaining how to effectively perform Hands-Only CPR may sound unconventional but bizarrely works.

Hands only CPR BHF website

Further The BHF has used their website to go into more detail about the new campaign. Fronted again by Vinnie the home page goes into great detail of what Hands-Only CPR actually is and their only shop, stocked with comedy Hands-Only CPR T-Shirts, and a new twitter hash tag #hardandfast light heartedly encourage viewers to support the campaign online.

A refreshing approaching which is incredibly memorable and good fun- Get involved and help potentially save a life at


Helen Skelton South-Pole Blog Diary- Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton begun her South-Pole challenge earlier this week and will be keeping a blog diary of her travels online.

Skelton's charity polar trekI’ve been following the blog which is featured on the BBC. However, there is also a live blog from Helen on The Telegraph website.

The blog is a brilliant read and although short and sweet (remember Helen is in the Antarctic battling temperatures of -20 whilst writing it) it’s a great way to keep up to date with Helen’s whereabouts.

Complete with photographs of everything from the kit which she’ll be using, Christmas Day celebration and even her blistered feet. Yesterday Helen posted a video of herself kiting across the Antarctic, one method of transportation which she has chosen to use on her exhibition, which brilliantly gives a feel of the trek. It is most definitely worth a read.

Helen’s South-Pole Challenge is in aid of Sports Relief charity.


The art room – Yesterday it was announced that The Duchess of Cambridge would be Royal Patron of four charities based here in the UK.

Amongst those charities was The Art Room which is a small organisation that works with youngsters and children aged between 5 and 16 who experience difficulties in mainstream education.

Through art therapy The Art Room helps these children, all of whom are from different background and suffering through a variety of circumstances such as emotional distress, learning difficulties or behavioural issues, regain self-confidence and the independence to enjoy education once again.

The Art Room

As a former teacher I was immediately interested in The Art Room and the methods which it uses to reengage students. Therapy can often be underestimated however with sound methodology and expertise it is a brilliant way to tackle certain problems.

It is a great relief that the Duchess of Cambridge has chosen to work alongside The Art Room as it is bound to strengthen their profile and highlight the work which they do. Their website nicely explains their work and showcases the art work of students. It is very much an inspiration site, which shows the benefits of the organisation.

British Heart Foundation Hands-Only CPR featuring Vinnie Jones

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The British Heart FoundationWho would have thought that an advert featuring Vinnie Jones and the famous 70’s anthem ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by The Bee Gee’s would have captured news segments and Twitter so fiercely? It would appear that The British Heart Foundation’s new campaign has done just that.

The campaign, which stars former footballer and actor Vinnie Jones, tackles the daunting challenge of resuscitating a person who has stopped breathing by introducing ‘Hands-Only CPR’ a newly adapted approach to traditional CPR.

The campaign uses a cheeky tactic to deliver crucial information of a new and easy method to CPR, which anyone and everyone can carry out to potentially save someone else’s life.

The Hands-Only CPR method is now considered to be the best way for non-medical professionals or those without first aid training to administer CPR, basically removing the ‘kiss of life’ segment to defer people administering the daunting breath of air that is considered largely off putting for many.

Instead of interrupting chest compressions with a breath of air, it is now advised to continuously press the chest, hard and fast at the beat of Stayin’ Alive, which is wonderfully ironic but said to be very effective in helping stimulate the heart after cardiac arrest.

Although it may seem a little cheesy, what with a macho Vinnie Jones, tattooed knuckles and leather clad hit men by his side. I think it’s a brilliantly effective way to remind people that CPR is not as hard as it looks and could really make difference.

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