Wheel of Warmth

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During the cold snap I have been thrilled to see that so many charities and organisation are taking measures to help raise awareness of the differences the elderly face during the cold winter months.

I have spoken before about the work of AgeUK and their ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign. I am delighted to see their efforts have gone even further.

Introducing ‘Lionel’s Wheel of Warmth’, fronted by Lionel Blair, a new innovative digital wheel which spins and produces handy hint, tips and good will gestures which are a simple but effective ways of enhancing the well-being of your friends and family.

With thoughtful suggestions such as ‘Put all the loose change that’s weighing you down into the next collection tin you see’ or ‘Give up a chair to someone who might need it more than you’. You are left with pockets full of inspiration for a good deed!

Not only is it for a brilliant cause it is tremendous fun. Follow the link to try it out yourself http://bit.ly/ekNJ1Q 

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