Age UK’s Bobble Day 2012

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This time last year the entire office when bobble crazy for Age UK’s first ever ‘Bobble Day’, a fundraiser to support the charity’s ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign.

After great success in their first year Age UK decided to make Bobble Day an annual event. Encouraging the entire country to wear their winter woollies, knit something woolly or even better make lots of woolly bobbles (we attached ours to hats, glove and socks). Hopefully raising awareness of how important staying warm during the winter is, especially amongst elderly and vulnerable members of society.

Bobble Day 2012

Unfortunately we’ve not had time to make any Bath-Knight bobbles this year but we are all wearing our winter woollies. I’m sure you’ll agree that today couldn’t be a better example of how importantly wearing warm clothing, drinking plenty of hot tea and ensuring that your central heating is warming your home sufficiently actually is.


This year Age UK has joined forces with Grannies Inc a fantastic company who produced one off knitted accessories. I’d highly recommend checking out their website as it packed with fantastic ideas and collections.

Together they have created a woolly bobble hat dedicated to Bobble Day, which is available to purchase now. The brightly coloured woolly is the perfect accessory to wear if you’re out visiting elderly friends, family and neighbours during wintery spells.

This year’s campaign has also gained support from well-known faces within the media as Sir Roger Moore, Joanna Lumley, Jo Wood and Roxanne Pallett have all pledged their support to Bobble Day.  You can join them by supporting Bobble Day via the Age UK website. Here you’ll find a fool proof guide to making woolly bobbles and more information about the campaign in general.

For more tips about staying warm check out my Winter Warmers blog which includes handy tips and advice on how to stay safe and beat the cold this winter.

Winter Warmers – The best ways to stay warm this winter!

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After a period of mild weather I’m sure that many of you will have noticed the sudden drop in temperature this week. As its still January it’s important to remember that it is in fact still winter so we should be prepared for cold spells. This week it’s predicted to be particularly chilly and the Met Office has issued a serve cold weather warming which runs right until Friday morning.

As the Met Office set out precautions it’s important to do the same, insuring maximum personal safety and wellbeing. I know that for many older and elderly people getting out of the house can be difficult in the winter so call on the help of friends and family to bring around essentials.

drinking tea

Whilst at home ensure you’re as warm as possible by layering clothing, I find that wearing thinly layers garments  such as a vest with one or two thin t-shirts on top and then a cardigan is much more effective than one large jumper, the thin layers trap in body heat keeping you warmer for longer. I’d suggest the same for night ware too.  Change an hour or so before you’re planning to get into bed this way you’ll already be snug and warm. 

So how else can you beat the cold? Alongside drinking plenty of warm drinks and ensuring that windows and doors are closed a tip taken from last night’s SuperScrimpers: Waste Not Want Not was to put your heating on constant but turn the thermostat down. This way warm heat will always be circulating the house but won’t build a huge bill. If you feel a chill during the evening pop the fire on for an hour or so. Easy!


Get creative- make draught excluders

For anyone who is crafty like me why not make a draught excluder (there are plenty on the high street if you’d prefer to buy one). The beauty about making your own is they are easy and quick to make, plus it give you something fun to do for an afternoon, and you can choose any design which you like. I’d suggest following this ‘How to…’ guide from The Guardian.

Despite all of these wonderful ways to stay warm my favourite thing to do during the winter months is to eat fabulous comfort foods all which are hearty and full of goodness.  Winter warmers like soups, stews, homemade pies and one pot casseroles are all perfect to make for winter as they can be made in advance and frozen for convenience.

My favourite winter pick me up is good old fashioned Shepherd’s pie, which may sound a little old hat but it’s a fantastic winter recipe. Not only is it easy to prepare, filling and full of healthy veggies it’s also incredibly cheap. I like a sprinkle of cheese on top and a good helping of gravy!


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