Websites of the Week 30th January- 4th February 2012

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Annette's websites of the week

Met Office/BBC WeatherAfter a week of freezing temperatures and reports of snow for many parts of the UK this weekend it’s easy to feel a little fed up with the weather.

However, it’s important to remember that in such extreme coldness, the Met Office issued a Level 3 Severe Weather Warning earlier this week, vulnerable and elderly people are at a significantly higher risk of becoming ill and lonely.

BBC Weather

During period of bad weather I always find that preparation is vital. Whether you’re an elderly person who’s worried about getting out and about or have family member to care for. Before making any plans always check weather reports- I find that the Met Office’s website is extremely thorough but BBC Weather is a little more user friendly. Nevertheless both sites give up to date and reliable information.

It’s also a nice idea to call in on elderly neighbours during the winter months especially if you’ve not seen any family or friends dropping by for a couple of days. I like to take a plate of dinner around with me- even if my neighbour doesn’t eat it, it can be refrigerated and enjoyed later.

For more tips on staying warm during the winter read my previous blog- Winter Warmers.


National Trust I’ve written about the National Trust several times before and that’s largely because I’m a big fan of heritage sites. Plus there always seems to be somewhere to go within the National Trust regardless of where you are in the country.

National Trust membership

Personally I’ve found that purchasing an annual membership is worthwhile especially if you’ve got a family. When I was recently renewing my own membership I saw that the National Trust is now offering a 25% discount on all annual memberships– this offer is an introductory rate for the first year only. Although this discount rate isn’t available to existing members it’s perfect if you’re hoping to explore the National Trust for the first time.

There really is plenty to do and having a family membership has proved to be incredibly usefully for me and my family during the years. Even better the entire family can enjoy the fun as senior memberships are available and children under 5 get in for free.


BookRabbit.comAs a book lover I relish the chance to talk to other literature enthusiasts about my favourite new releases and old classics which I’ve read time and time again.

Last week I recommend Good Web Guide, which hosts hundreds of quality websites. After exploring the site more this week I’ve found an online community site which brings books lovers together.


A little bit like Facebook in the respect that it focuses around networking, the site promises to ‘Bring your bookshelf to life’ as it simply encourages users to post a photograph of their bookshelf and then explore the shelves of other users who favour similar authors and genres.

Users can review books, join discussions and check out which authors are up and coming in 2012. It’s a site I’m happy to recommend and a great place to proudly display your bookshelf to people who really will appreciate it!

Winter Fuel Payments

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The Winter Fuel Payments have been a topic of conversation for many months now. Highly criticised by many, people are urging the government to make the payments fairer by considering circumstances before making payment.

The payment, which is given to those over the age of 60 to help with heating bills, seems creditable. However, whilst some people are struggling to make ends meet with the payment-there are far too many stories of older people choosing between heating and eating. Others who are wealthier and may not need the payment are still receiving it because they fit the non-means tested criteria.

Senior Woman Warming Hands By Fire At Home

The topic has the potential to turn into a serious political debate and has for those who have debated the topic at higher levels. My feelings are rather simply, I hope the money goes to the people who need it, helping making life easier for vulnerable members of our society during the winter as it was intended.

So if you’re in the dark about where you stand with the Winter Fuel Payment it’s a good idea to use DirectGov’s Winter Fuel Payment guide to calculate if you’re eligible, if so how much you should get paid and when the payment should arrive.

Visit DirectGov- Click here.

Age UK Donate a Coat celebrity supporters

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Age-UK LogoRecently Age UK introduced 2011’s Donate a Coat campaign. Encouraging the public to dig out their old winter coats and donate any which they won’t be wearing to Age UK shops up and down the country. With all proceeds going to Age UK’s ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign.

Excitingly the campaign has kicked up a gear and attracted some high profile support as celebrities from all over the entertainment industry have parted with their winter warmers for Age UK.

Holly Willoughby

The likes of Katherine Jenkins, Graham Norton, Holly Willoughby, June Whitfield, Lynda Bellingham, Gary Lineker and Fearne Cotton have all donated a stylish coat along with a host of other famous names.

june whitfield

Working in association with The Daily Mirror, Age UK has set up an eBay store so that you can bid on the star studded coats with all proceeds going to Spread the Warmth campaign. Helping make winter easier for older people here in the UK.

View The Mirror’s article for more ways to donate and links to all coat auction sites.

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