Twiggy for Marks and Spencer Woman

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Fashion is a great way of expressing yourself but often it’s easy to get stuck in a rut especially when you’re getting older. I know that lots of women question if they are ‘too old’ to wear certain garments and consequently give up on fashion all together.

So it’s brilliant to hear that supermodel Twiggy, who is now 62 years old, has launched her debut collection with Marks and Spencer Woman. The summer collection, which is available exclusively online now, is full of stylish wardrobe essentials and one off special occasion pieces that truly are fantastic high street purchases for women who want to remain fashionable despite their age.

Twiggy Marks and Spencer woman

Twiggy collection for Marks and Spencer

What I like about the collection is that Twiggy has designed it with herself and other women of her age in mind. She’s used feminine colours and sophisticated patterns with tailored cuts and soft fabrics that all complement women whatever age they may be.

And the variety is endless as Twiggy’s Mark and Spencer collection includes flattering dresses, stylish trousers, blouses and statement jackets plus a selection of accessories which pull all of the outfits together perfectly.

Twiggy Marks and Spencer Chic

Twiggy collection for Marks and Spencer

Along with designing the collection Twiggy can also be seen modelling the outfits on the Marks and Spencer website, where you will also be able to see her in the Marks and Spencer Jubilee TV advert alongside Dannii Minogue, Myleen Klass and Jamie Redknapp with music from Gary Barlow.

View Twiggy for Marks and Spencer Woman online here– it comes highly recommended from me.

Annette’s Websites of the Week- Jus Rol, International Women’s Day and Enjoy England

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Annette's websites of the week – For years people have said that perfect pastry makes the perfect pie. So as I’ve dished out some of my favourite recipes for British Pie Week I have to reveal my pastry cheat… Jus-Rol.

Jus-Rol is ready prepared pastry which comes in all varieties from puff, shortbread, butter puff, filo and even reduced fat pastry. Simply purchase the pastry you desire and store in the fridge until you’re ready to bake.

jus rol

I know that some may be a little apprehensive about ready-made pastry and admittedly I was too as I enjoy making my own pastry very much. But Jus-Rol is brilliantly convenient and can make what would be a time consuming meal into a quick and easy dish which everyone will enjoy.

I’ve been on the Jus-Rol website this week and they have a brilliant selection of pastry recipes with everything from classic pies dishes to tarts and Danish pastries which would go down a treat at a tea lunch or dinner party. Simply use the onsite search tool to find the perfect dish for you- I’m thinking about making Strawberry Shortbread Stacks over the weekend inspired by Jus-Rol.

Jus Roll Strawberry stack

And for anyone who is a pastry novice the Jus-Rol team have produce some handy hints and tips on how to best handle pastry. I tend to struggle with filo pastry, folding and glazing such delicate pastry often ends in disaster, so I’ve found Jus-Rol’s technique video really helpful.

Definitely a site work checking out if you’re passionate about baking and looking for tasty short cuts. – Yesterday women across the world rejoiced in International Women’s Day. Here on the blog I shared the names of women who have inspired me and I really enjoyed reading the thoughts of Independent Women’s Day from other women’s perspective.

International Womens Day logo

Over the week I’ve visited International Women’s Day official website to learn more about this year’s event. The website is packed with news, discussions, debates, events and facts. It truly is inspiring to see that so many women come together on 8th March, something which I think we should be incredibly proud of as I can’t think of a more important time for women to unite and showcase the talent and abilities of one another.

International Womens day ladies

Women across the world unite for International Women's Day

I know that many people will have already attended talks and meets for IWD but if you’ve not yet the website is a brilliant resource to find on going events. Events range from discussing political opinions to working with women to help stop domestic abuse. There really is something for everyone and it’s important to note that International Women’s Day’s stretches far further than head strong activists.

It’s not too late to get involved. Simply visit the website for more information and whilst there I’d recommend taking a look at the art collection on the site produced by women across the world.

Enjoy England – This week VisitEngland have launched a new campaign encouraging us all to holiday here in England rather than escaping to foreign shores for a summer break.

Along with a high profile television advert featuring Stephen Fry, Julie Walters, Rupert Grint and Michelle Dockery VisitEngland have launched, a brand new website that showcases holiday destination across England.

I know that many will be sceptical about the thought of staying in England for a holiday as often it’s expensive and this year prices are expected to shoot up due to the Olympic Games and Diamond Jubilee. However, the site has come up with some savvy ways to holiday in England at affordable prices and is currently running a 20.12% discount on orders booked on the site.

Although I don’t think I’ll be swapping my summer getaway for a holiday here in England I would recommend checking out the website for lovely hotels and quality things to do over weekend breaks or even half term.  What I like most about the site is that it’s also considered easy access holidays for disabled and elderly people- there are lots of options available which is great to hear.

Have a look because you might be pleasantly surprised by the variety which really is on your doorstep-

International Women’s Day 2012

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Women across the world are today celebrating International Women’s Day. Recognising successful female figures that have inspired change, accomplished outstanding achievements and are leaders in their professional fields.

I find that International Women’s Day is a time to look back at the females who have inspired you. Classic female icons such as Mary Wollstonecraft, Mother Teresa and Emmeline Pankhurst are now being joined by women who have impacted the world that we live in today.

International Women's Day

Women have celebrated International Women's Day for many years

I’ve been thinking about the women who have inspired me and the variety is huge. As a business woman I feel inspired by other women in business. Karen Brady and Martha Lane Fox are women who are currently riding high on success and are aspiring figures to young women looking to make an imprint on the world.

Having led the country and common wealth for the past 60 years The Queen is a woman whose poise and grace in leadership is probably the best I’ve ever witness. She is a true example to anyone in a position of guidance or control whether that’s in government, the workplace or even at home. The excitement toward the summer’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations is a testament to the impact The Queen has had on people around the world.

Today’s Google Doodle pays homage to International Women’s Day

Today’s Google Doodle pays homage to International Women’s Day

The truth is I feel inspired by all sorts of women- novelist J.K Rowling, Burmese politician Aung San Suu Kyi, Drama Teacher Anna Scher, young Olympic hopeful Rebecca Adlington, actress Meryl Streep and even her most recent character Margaret Thatcher. These are women who have all made me stand up and take note of their achievements and most importantly are proof of the incredible things which women are able to accomplish.

Fittingly the theme behind this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Connecting girls, inspiring futures’. An incredible 430 events including seminars, afternoon tea, marches and even a reception at Number 10 are being held today to encourage women to come together and support each other which is what International Women’s Day is all about.  

Happy International Women’s Day from myself and all at Bath-Knight!

The WI Food Website

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The WI Food logoThe Women’s Institute has become an iconic organisation in Britain and today it has launched an exciting new website, which makes their famous jams and baked goods accessible to all.

Formed in 1915, the community based organisation exclusive to women, has brought females and their communities together for many years.

Famous for offering members a wealth of new skills and experiences, I always associate the WI with cooking as I’m sure many others will too. This is mainly because members of the WI played an enormous role in providing the nation with healthy, hearty food during both the First and Second World Wars.

In recent years the WI has sustained a positive and up to date image with some branches applying a modern approach, leading to a fleeting numbers of younger members joining the ever growing organisation, which now boasts over 200,000 members.

WI Jam

Adding to their contemporary new style the WI is rejoicing in the digital world. With a host of online campaigns their website also features competitions, how to get involved in the WI and all the work and activities which their current members are up too.

Adding to their online portfolio the WI have today launched The Women’s Institute Food website; an ecommerce site which sells WI’s famous ‘homemade’ jams, biscuits and chutneys. Along with WI cookery books harbouring many tried and tested recipes which have lasted the test of time.

All produce is inspired by the WI’s history of making well preserved, homemade food. With a variety of flavours and beautiful presentation the WI treats are sure to be a huge hit. And all of the goodies sound so delicious- butter crumbly oatie biscuits and fine cut English Marmalade- yummy!

WI Bakery

In addition the site also encouraging members and no members to look into cookery courses at the WI’s Denman College, which has become synonymous in offering a huge variety of courses educating and developing cooking and craft skills.

All in all, the site is a wonderful success and I’m sure that the produce range will soon expand in to more delicious goodies, which we can all order and enjoy greatly.

Visit The WI’s Food site here –

Feeling fabulous at 50- Yours magazine Invincible Not Invisible

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yours magazineA new study carried out by Yours magazine has revealed that women over the age of 50 are at their happiest.

The ‘Invincible Not Invisible’ campaign interviewed 2,000 women and came out with some fantastic statistics which I am sure all women over 50 will agree with.

Firstly, 92% of women said they were happier than ever before and less than a quarter of the ladies worry about how they look; instead saying that they feel much younger than they actually are.


Endorsed by Lynda Bellingham (left), a devotee to the belief that ‘age is just a number’, the survey portrays a great image for ladies who are 50 plus and one which I am quite happy to applaud.

I personally feel great about my age and it’s fantastic to think other women do too. As a mature lady life seems less stressful and more relaxed, which I certainly can’t grumble at.

Now-a-days I get to enjoy my business alongside time with my friends and family. With a great circle of friends to keep my social life lively and a wonderful, growing family who live in some of the most beautiful part of the world, I have a truly fantastic life.

My business here at Bath-Knight allows me to get stuck in to being a business woman, a role which I love. But I am also a Grandparent and enjoying those moments is wonderful. With so much going on around me; business, family, friends and two boisterous dogs, it’s hard not to stay fit and feel healthy. The truth is I feel incredibly content about being over 50 and I hope you do to!

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