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There is nothing more relaxing than reading a magazine over a cup of tea. However, as more magazines now have websites I’ve recently found myself using the internet to read magazines more often.

Although some may argue that using the web is diluting the print industry. I’d say that there is nothing wrong with utilising the best of both worlds. The internet is fantastic for convenience plus its brilliantly easy for technophobes. But let’s face it nothing compares to flicking through the glossy pages of your favourite magazine so I’m sure many people will still subscribe.

sage magazine cover

There are some brilliant Over 50 publications available online. Some more established than others, however, all have something to offer depending on your interests and hobbies.  I’m always researching new (and old) ones which I think my customers might be interested in, so I I thought it would be a nice idea to share a couple here on my blog.

Saga is a well-established organisation within the Over 50 marketplace and their monthly magazine is one of the UK’s best sellers. Clearly embracing the web they publish archived editions online each month, allowing users to digitally scroll through at their pleasure. This digital ‘flick page’ magazine really stands out and allows the users to experience digital publishing at its best. Plus if you’ve got an iPad you can download the Saga Magazine application instantly- very snazzy!

Saga Magazine

In addition to such fantastic presentation and delivery the content is brilliant. A leading name in the market Saga draws in some big names, Dame Judi Dench is on this month’s cover discussing her latest film ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ and thoughts on retirement. 

New to the market is Savista Magazine– formerly Fifty Magazine- this is exclusively online and brought to the market in association with Stannah. The magazine is website based and dedicated to over 50’s and their interests including News, Blog, Finance, Food, Health, Home, Lifestyle and Travel. Savista is very much feature based and although not as tech-forward as Saga it’s a good read, plus you can send in your short stories and letters to the team.

A favourite fortnightly is Yours Magazine and we always have the latest edition here office. However, the website is great for added extras. Making the most out of their users who are online, Yours have online forums, competitions and daily games of Sudoku which you can get involved in. There is a real community atmosphere on the website, very much like the magazine- definitely a recommendation.

 The Lady

Finally I have to mention my favourite magazine, The Lady. I’ve been reading The Lady for years and we’ve advertised with the publication with great responses for many years also. After gaining a more contemporary approach The Lady has ventured online with great success. Including features from the mag, a host of guest bloggers and brilliant recipes, it’s a site which I really enjoy visiting.

I hope you enjoy my online magazines for the Over 50’s- please do let me know if you read or have any other favourites. I’m always on the look-out for new publications to read and bookmark.

A Year with Yours- 2012 Annual

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a year with yoursEarlier this year we purchased ‘Fashion We Wore’ a fantastic coffee table book by Yours magazine, which documents fashion through the decades. Filled with beautiful images and fantastic stories from the women behind the clothes it was an instant success.

Now Yours have released their 2012 annual. Formatted as a diary, the page packed annual is a wonderful collection of reader’s stories, photographs and memories accompanied by the magazine’s own favourite recipes, quizzes and craft techniques.

A great book to casually flick through, I adore how Yours’ have created a book which reflects their readers so well. Incorporating their memories and past time makes the annual feel very much like a diary which we all want to read.

yours annual page 1

Furthermore, the annual uses some wonderful images. Ones which readers themselves have sent in accompanied by a story from their teenage years including the trials and tribulations of growing up which we all can relate too.

Of course my favourite part of A Year with Yours is the recipe selection- a delicious recipe for each week. Ranging from simple smoothies, traditional summer puddings and new twists on old classics like Paprika and Parmesan Lamb. Yummy!

yours annual page 2

With so much content it would make a perfect gift for any Yours reader as it so brilliantly captures the spirit of the magazine; homely and so lovely to read. Complete with quizzes, poems and short stories for all of those who like to keep the mind active it’s a great addition to this year’s collection of magazines.

I hope you enjoy A Year with Yours 2012- purchase the book from Yours online now.

Fashion we wore by Yours Magazine

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We’ve had ‘Fashion we wore by Yours Magazine’ for some time now.  It’s always a pleasure to flick through and one of those books which sits beautifully on the coffee table for guests to read through at their liking.

The book offers a great sense of nostalgia displaying fashion throughout the decades, going from the 1940’s all the way up to 2000’s, incorporating memorable public events which took place along the way too.

fashion we wore cover

I particularly like the image packed pages with scrap book photographs which have so many fond memories behind them. The old photographs document women in the 1940’s wearing fashionable clothing which were rationed due to the war, brides wearing their wedding gowns in a huge variety of styles and designs and young women in their favourite bathing suites during the summer time.

fashion we wore 1950s

Alongside the beautiful images are great stories told by the ladies featured in the photographs. Telling the tales of their favourite outfits, where they brought them from and how they’ve changed since being the young women posing for the camera many years ago.

Furthermore, the book notes ‘Style Icon’s’ throughout the decades including Grace Kelly, Bridget Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and Helen Mirren reminding us of the women who inspired fashion when we were younger.

fashion we wore wedding page

Fashion we wore is a wonderful book, one which I am certain most Yours Magazine readers will thoroughly enjoy as it celebrates fashion, style and everything British for the last 70 years- the perfect way to jog memories of the good old days.

Purchase: Fashion We Wore on Yours Magazine online.

Yours Magazine Grandparent of the Year 2011

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It great to see Yours Magazine are celebrating grandparents with Yours Magazine Grandparent of the Year 2011 award.

grand parent of the year 2011The award hopes to recognise ‘unsung’ modern day grandparents who are increasingly becoming an essential part of modern day families. Despite busy schedules lots of modern grannies and granddad’s look great, feel great and have an amazingly positive outlook on life which is undoubtedly worth celebrating.

The Grandparent of the Year 2011 award has been spilt into different categories including ‘Active Gran’, ‘Glam Gran’, ‘Hero Gran’, ‘Granddad’ and ‘Fun Gran’ – A great selection which all grandparents can fit into some way or another.

It’s incredibly easy to enter a gran or granddad, simply visits Yours Magazine online where you can submit your favourite grandparent. The entrants will be seen before a judging panel and winners will be treated to a mini make over and photo shoot in a luxury London hotel followed by afternoon tea with the judging panel. The ultimate grandparent of 2011 will additionally win £1500 of Thomas Cook voucher.

The awards are a fabulous chance to say thank you to a special grandparent even if they don’t win simply being nominated is a wonderful achievement. It’s great to be recognised by your family for simply being a grandparent.

Is modern technology making young people as lonely as elderly?

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Today I’ve read about a study conducted by Yours magazine, which claims that due to modern technology youngsters feel just as lonely as elderly people.

The startling study, which surveyed people aged between 18 and 80, found that ‘more than a third of people spend more time chatting online than going out with friends’, and although the average youngster has 243 Facebook friends having a genuine friendship offline proves difficult.

Teenager on the Internet

Are teens spending too much time online?

I personally think that getting online is hugely important especially for elderly people. However the impact of technology on society has given others a different perspective. Actress Lynda Bellingham commented that ‘technology is forcing people to live in their own little isolated bubbles’ in relation to the study.

Of course too much time online can be destructive but it’s important to remember that moderation is crucial. Using social networking, browsing the internet and becoming savvy with modern technologies can be incredibly valuable throughout life.

Getting online grandparents and grandchildren

Go online and spend time together.

It’s incredibly sad to read that young people aren’t socialising with their friends, instead opting to go online. Much like we encourage the elderly to get out and enjoy social clubs, meals outs and tea and biscuit sessions. It’s important to give youngsters a nudge in the right direct to find socially fulfilling activities and avoid loneliness.

I’m sure that many people will agree that these statistics reflect society. So why not get a grandchild to use of their time spent online- give grandma or granddad a quick computer lesson or alternatively Skype with grandchildren of an evening to see how their day went. These are great ways to spend time together and get something positive from the modern technology.

Feeling fabulous at 50- Yours magazine Invincible Not Invisible

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yours magazineA new study carried out by Yours magazine has revealed that women over the age of 50 are at their happiest.

The ‘Invincible Not Invisible’ campaign interviewed 2,000 women and came out with some fantastic statistics which I am sure all women over 50 will agree with.

Firstly, 92% of women said they were happier than ever before and less than a quarter of the ladies worry about how they look; instead saying that they feel much younger than they actually are.


Endorsed by Lynda Bellingham (left), a devotee to the belief that ‘age is just a number’, the survey portrays a great image for ladies who are 50 plus and one which I am quite happy to applaud.

I personally feel great about my age and it’s fantastic to think other women do too. As a mature lady life seems less stressful and more relaxed, which I certainly can’t grumble at.

Now-a-days I get to enjoy my business alongside time with my friends and family. With a great circle of friends to keep my social life lively and a wonderful, growing family who live in some of the most beautiful part of the world, I have a truly fantastic life.

My business here at Bath-Knight allows me to get stuck in to being a business woman, a role which I love. But I am also a Grandparent and enjoying those moments is wonderful. With so much going on around me; business, family, friends and two boisterous dogs, it’s hard not to stay fit and feel healthy. The truth is I feel incredibly content about being over 50 and I hope you do to!

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