Britain in a Day- BBC Two documentary

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On 12th November 2011 thousands of Britain’s dug out their video cameras and filmed what they were doing on that Saturday in November. The videos captured the everyday lives of Britons living in the UK today and have been made into a BBC Two documentary ‘Britain in a Day’ which airs at 9pm tonight.

The candid documentary created by Morgan Matthews and Ridley Scott hopes to capture real people and their lives. To ensure Britain in a Day portrayed a true outlook of a day in the UK, Morgan and Ridley invited everyone and anyone to take part and film their day regardless of how boring or exciting it might be. Thousands responded and an incredible 750 hours’ worth of footage was uploaded to YouTube via Britain in a Days’ YouTube channel.

Britain In A Day

The footage, which has been edited for tonight’s 90 minute documentary, is said to have included monumental moments in British people’s lives; getting married, giving birth and moving house. But it also includes the ordinary tasks which we all have to carry out like going shopping, seeing friends, work and the dreaded house chores.

Collated together Britain in a Day hopes to encapsulate all the emotions which we experience in one single day. Whilst one couple are enjoying their wedding day somebody else might be grieving a lost loved one. And this is the beauty behind the documentary; it demonstrations how dynamic the country is in one single time frame.

Interestingly those taking part were asked to consider a couple of questions when filming; what makes you happy? What do you like and dislike about the UK? What is the most important thing in your life? These answers are what I expect will make the documentary so interesting and I can’t wait to see how different people- young and old- will respond to the questions.  

Britain in a Day is set to be a worthwhile watch which I will definitely be tuning in to (put it on record if you’re watching the Euro Football instead). Tomorrow I’m planning on posting a review about the documentary so please check back and let me know if you enjoy Britain in a Day.

Annette’s Websites of the Week -27th-1st July 2011

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Annette's websites of the week – The official Wimbledon website

Wimbledon-logoWimbledon is in full swing and as the finals arrive this weekend I am sure that the excitement will hit fever pitch. I’ve been following Wimbledon online this year as with a busy schedule it is difficult to watch every match.

The team at Wimbledon have updated their official Twitter site to keep followers informed on the latest scores, weather delays and even celebrity guests. Wimbledon’s official website is also worth checking out for details on matches, news from the tournament, official photographs, tickets and much more.  – Women’s Royal Voluntary Services


Earlier this week I blogged about the ‘Gold Age Power List’ which directed me to the WRVS website. I have to say that it’s a wonderful website. With the tag line of ‘positive about age, practical about life’ and a really welcoming landing page I felt compelled to give the site some of my time.

Already knowing a little about the WRVS as a voluntary service, I knew that their credentials – offering voluntary help to support independent living amongst the elderly, were something that I would connect with immediately.

Like all charity websites there are ways to get involved with the WRVS online. But this particular site offers much more, with everything from a blog, to real stories and a memory wall which allows users to upload old photographs. I think that the site feels very much like a community and one which is great to get involved with- Most definitely worth having a look into.

Virginia’s new iPad– Youtube Video-

This video really brought a smile to my face. Featuring Virginia, a 100 year old lady who is getting to grips with her iPad.

I read that Virginia’s family suggested she got an iPad to enable her to start reading again. After suffering from poor vision she was struggling to read from normal paperback books. However, the bright light of an iPad enabled her to relive her passion for literature.

The video is a great example showing that elderly people can enjoy the perks of modern technology as much as anybody else. Brilliant!

Websites of the Week- 30th May-3rd June 2011

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Annette's websites of the week

House to Home-

house to home logo

I’m a huge fan of House to Home as it’s a great site to flick through whilst having a coffee and pondering over decorating ideas.

Packed with photos and ideas of how to make your home perfect and to your taste the site covers all areas of the home; from the usual living room, bedroom and bathroom plus great ideas for guest rooms, conservatories and how to efficiently make the most out of office space.

With fabulous link to interior retailers, specialist tradesmen and even special offers it really is worth checking out. I’m certain that you will come away with some great ideas for your house and home.

Ultimate Dog Tease- YouTube

Ok. I might be breaking the rules a little here because this isn’t really a website but it’s a Friday so why not.

The ‘Ultimate Dog Tease’ which is featured on Youtube was sent to me by a friend earlier this week. There are tons of funny animal videos online but this one is not only adorable it’s funny and lighthearted and just a great clip to share.

With over 35 million views the Ultimate Dog Tease is most definitely a hit- if only my dogs would talk to me like that.

Britain’s Got Talent-

britains got talent

I’ve been watching Britain’s Got Talk this week and I must say that I am really impressed with some of the finalists. Steven Hall and Les Gibson are my favourites. Both are fantastically funny and so entertaining- essential for the Royal Variety.

The official Britain’s Got Talent site is really great and the perfect place to catch up with anything that you might have missed. I went on this morning to find out the details of Simon’s surprise… seen as I was getting a cup of tea during the big reveal on last night’s show.

The site is really handy and with videos, exclusives and the latest news you can find out all you need to know about Britain’s Got Talent.

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