Walk In Baths

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Walk In Baths

Affinity Walk In Bathtub

The result of extensive development, the Affinity Walk in Bath provides a safe, reassuring bathing environment. The unique door hinging arrangements gives clear, uncluttered access, and a water tight door which is effortless to use. The all round clean, simple appearance is reflected in the locking mechanism, where there are no unsightly or awkward gadgets to operate. Just walk in, sit down and relax on the integral seat to enjoy a soothing deep soak bath or shower.

The Affinity Walk in Bath is an alternative to the bath-knight bath lift. It’s easy to install, easy to access and easy to use. If space is an issue then the affinity walk in bath is definitely for you.

Affinity Walk In Bath

Walk In Baths
Layzee Walk In Bath

The Layezee easy access mobility bath provides a practical and independent approach to bathing, it makes getting in and out of the bath as easy as sitting down on a chair. It’s especially ideal for wheelchair users as the height of the bath can be installed to the exact height of a wheelchair so that you can simply just slide into the Layezee bath.
You can lie right back and relax in a bath that even matches your existing bathroom, so you don’t even have to redecorate! The Layezee Mobility bath fits exactly where your old bath used to be and  comes with an optional, integral hydrotherapy system so you can turn a warm soak into a gentle hydrotherapy massage, to further ease your stresses and strains

Layzee Walk In Bath




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  1. Very informative, well written! Thank you!

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