Annette’s Websites of the Week- 12th-16th March 2012

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Annette's websites of the weekSt Patrick’s Day Guinness Advert It goes without saying that for many people St Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t complete without a pint (or two) of Guinness. Although I don’t drink a lot of the world famous Irish stout myself, I appreciate its incredible success and Irish heritage.

Over time Guinness have become renowned from their advertising campaigns- the Guinness Factory in Dublin has a fantastic advertising museum showcasing their back catalogue of adverts. For St Patrick’s Day 2012 Guinness have come up with a funny advert showing you just how well loved Guinness really is…


UK Hand Knitting Association- Earlier this week I discovered “yarnstorming”, a new knitting craze that is sweeping the country. As a knitting fan the creativity of yarnstorming has inspired me to pick my knitting needles and get more creative.

What’s most interesting about yarnstorming is that creations are mostly made by groups of people who are generally part of a knitting club which makes knitting not only a hobby but also a social event.

yarn balls

The UK Hand Knitting Association have complied a directory of knitting clubs which run across the country. Clubs are generally informal and take place in a variety of different venues from libraries, coffee shops and even pubs.

All clubs advertised on the UK Hand Knitting Association’s directory welcome new recruits and are friendly bases for knitters to come together and to celebrate the art of knitting. If you are planning on joining a group I would recommend making contact with the group organiser as published in the directory to find out specific details of an individual group.


Mother’s Day-  As Sunday is Mother’s Day- a gentle reminder- I thought I’d note down a couple of handy websites for those who are yet to purchase the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Flowers are always a great option as you can buy her favourite on any budget. For an affordable bunch head to a supermarket or if you got a little more to spend visit the Interflora website which has lots of choice. Interflora is delivering on Mothering Sunday (orders have to be placed before 5pm tomorrow) which would make a brilliant Mother’s Day surprise.

If your Mum is a fan of chocolate there is no better place to visit than Thorntons. This year Thornton’s have created an enormous selection of Mother’s Day goodies ranging from extravagant hamper of chocolates to smaller packages which are great gestures- remember it’s the thought that counts!

mothers day flowers

As a mum myself I can honestly say that simply knowing your children appreciate all of your hard work is plenty. So for those who don’t wish to buy expensive gifts why not make a delicious meal and let your mum or grandmother put her feet up and relax. Waitrose have teamed up with Delia Smith once again to create the perfect Mother’s Day lunch- Roast Chicken with Lemon & Thyme– the recipe is quick and easy to make and is guaranteed to go down a real treat.

St Patrick’s Day Party Food- Fruity Soda Bread & Irish Cheese

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Fruity Soda Bread-

Soda bread is traditional Irish grub perfect for St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Instead of serving plain soda bread treat your guests to a fruity version. Use any sort of dried fruit, a mix selection is usually a good option, and simply add it to the soda bread dough.

I like to serve my fruity soda bread with butter and or a sweet jam which is a good choice if you’re catering for children too.

Irish Cheese Board-

Whatever the occasion, a cheese board is undoubtedly the best way to end an evening of food and drink. For St Patrick’s Day I’ll be using a selection of Irish Chesses from my local deli “Brown and Green”, located in Trentham Gardens, as it specialises in all sorts of seasonal treats.

If like me you’re going for Irish cheeses I’d recommend using Coolea an Gouda style cheese, Adrahan which is soft with a rind and Coolea a traditional Gouda cheese; all Irish and all delicious.

St Patrick’s Day Party Food – Recipes!

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If you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day at home with family and friends this weekend chances are you’ll be making some party nibbles for them to enjoy. As its St Patrick’s Day it only seems appropriate to lay on a feast on Irish delights. So I’m sharing with you my favourite Irish party nibbles- all are easy to make, distinctively Irish and delicious. Enjoy!

Classic Irish Coffee-

Irish Coffee Recipe

Guinness Cupcakes-

Guinness Cupcakes recipe

St Patrick’s Day 2012 Celebrations- Dublin, London, New York!

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This weekend thousands of people will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day. The traditional Irish celebration is a much loved occasion across the world. Although celebrations predominately take place in Ireland, parades and festivals are also been held in British and American cities.

St Patrick’s Day celebrations are vibrant and joyous occasions that showcase all things Irish. Parades generally include wonderfully decorated floats, marching bands, live music, Irish dancing and street performers.

If you’re not fortunate enough to catch a St Paddy’s Day parade in Ireland- huge celebrations will be taking place across all Irish cities including Dublin, Belfast, Limerick and Tipperary. I’m sure that a St Patrick’s Day celebration will be taking place in a city near you.

Birmingham St Patricks Day parade

Birmingham holds the biggest St Patrick's Day parade in Britain

Birmingham and Manchester have already hosted their St Patrick’s Day parades but that won’t stop further celebration over the weekend. As all major cities in the UK will be paying tribute to the Irish with dance troupes lining the streets, folk music, and of course lots of Guinness on sale in pubs and bars.

If you’re looking for a family day out and a traditional St. Patrick’s Day parade then head to Trafalgar Square, London, where the Irish will be celebrating in style. Sunday’s event will feature endless floats, music, dancing and all sorts of performers plus stalls upon stalls of delicious food and drink. The celebrations will stretch through the city starting in Green Park before reaching Trafalgar Square in the afternoon where revellers can enjoy the Irish festivities until Sunday evening.

Parade St Patricks Day

Emerald green is a favourite in St Paddy's Day celebrations

Although I won’t be venturing to Dublin or London for St. Patrick’s Day I will be celebrating the great Irish festivity with some of my closest family and friends. I’ll be “Chief Irish Coffee Maker”, fingers crossed someone else will make a Chocolate Guinness Cake– it would be rude not to on St Patrick’s Day after all.

Did you know- Americans love St Patrick’s Day, so much so, that they hold some of the largest celebrations in the world, most notably an enormous parade in New York. And since 1962 the Chicago River has been dyed emerald green on St Patrick’s Day to celebrate the Irish!

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St. Patrick’s Day: Chocolate Guinness Cake

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guinness chocolate cake recipe st patricks day

St Patrick’s Day: Guinness Fact!

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guinness pint facts st patricks day

St. Patrick’s Day: Traditional Colcannon

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colcannon st patricks day recipe

St Patrick’s Day Fact: Birimingham celebrations!

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brimingham st patricks day festival Irish

St. Patrick’s Day: Traditional Irish Stew

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Traditional Irish Stew St Patricks Day Recipes

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