50 Days until the Olympics 2012

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Olympic Torch banner

Today marks 50 days until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games and also the 20th day of the Olympic Torch Relay. Last time I posted about the Torch Relay it had travelled through Stoke-On-Trent and the surrounding area.

Since its travels through North Staffordshire the Torch has made its way through the North West, visiting Bolton, Southport and home of The Beatles, Liverpool. It then flew to the Isle of Man where torchbearers travel around the island with the Olympic Torch before heading to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

olympic torch giants causeway

Olympic Torch at Giants Causeway

Whilst in Ireland the Torch Relay ventured to the beautiful Giants Causeway, Londonderry and Dublin whilst been carried by various well known torchbearers. Today the Irish comedian, Patrick Kielty carried the torch and Irish Olympic Boxers, Wayne McCullough and Michael Carruth had the honour of carrying the flame yesterday.

A more random choice of torchbearer was X-Factor and Eurovision Song Contest competitors, Jedward, who ran through central Dublin with the flame. Although the Irish twins have little connection to sport their appearance at the Torch Relay was a real crowd pleaser and helped to bring the Olympic 2012 spirit to Ireland.

With a boost of excitement from last weekend’s Diamond Jubilee and only 50 days to go, anticipation for the London 2012 Olympic Games is starting to grow and I am certainly looking forward to the start of the Games.

Olympic Torch Relay days 1-4

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Olympic Torch banner

The Olympic Torch Relay is in full swing and since starting on Saturday the torch has travelled from Land’s End to Plymouth, Plymouth on to Exeter and Exeter to Taunton in Somerset where today’s stretch of the relay began. Now in the fourth day of the relay the torch is en route to Bristol before making its way to Cheltenham tomorrow.

Excitement has travelled with the Torch since the relay began on Saturday as record numbers of spectators have turned out to see the flame travel through their home town. In most cases people from the local community have carried the flame however a couple of familiar faces have popped up along the way.

Ben Ainsile Torch Relay

Ben Ainsile with Olympic Torch at Land’s End

Adventurer Ben Fogle carried a lantern containing the Olympic flame in a hot air balloon whilst the relay visited the Eden Project and Olympians Jonathan Edwards and Amy Williams have both ran part of the relay. A more obscure choice of Torchbearer was singer and The Voice coach Will.i.am who carried it the flame Taunton yesterday.

Although there has been lots of excitement surrounding the relay it’s not been completely fault free as the flame went out when David Follett, a Torchbearer using a wheelchair was carrying the flame in Devon. Fortunately the team were able to relight the torch with the mother flame and the relay was back on track.

Amy Williams with Olympic Torch

Amy Williams carrying the Olympic Torch

The torches themselves have also made headlines as some Torchbearers have auctioned their torches on online auction site eBay. One of the torches fetched more than £150,000, which the Torchbearer will reportedly be donating to a charitable cause that she’s passionate about.

The torch will reach Staffordshire next week but in the meantime I’ll be keeping track of the flames whereabouts here on the blog. I’d love to know if you’ve seen the torch or are a torchbearer so please feel free to leave a comment below.

The School Games 2012

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Over 1600 school children who play sport at an elite level have been invited to attend The 2012 School Games taking place in Olympic venues across London this week.

The School Games offer a chance for school children to get a feel for the Olympic Games as they have exclusive access to brand new facilities including four venues which will be focus points during the summer Games; The Olympic Stadium, The Velodrome, The Aquatics Centre and ExCel Centre.

wheelchair basketball The School Games

Wheelchair Basketball at The School Games 2012

Much like professional athletes at the Olympic Games school competitors will face stiff competition from athletes who are expected to be future Olympians. The School Games consist of tradition sporting events found at the Olympics and Paralympics including cycling, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, fencing, wheelchair basketball, judo and table tennis.

With over 30,000 spectators in attendance and opening and closing ceremonies The School Games is a rare and exciting opportunity for youngsters. But what I think makes The School Games so special is that children don’t have to be athletic to take part as the event has been designed to utilise a wide range of skills which school children possess.

Over 700 volunteer opportunities were available and aspiring journalists taking part in BBC News School Report (pupils aged 11-16) have been on hand to report all of the action from the Games. They’ve created multimedia footage of the sporting events, written up articles and interviewed athletes taking part in the Games which is all available to read and watch online.

Fencing The School Games

Fencing at The School Games 2012

The School Games has been an annual event for a number of years but 2012’s event seems all the more relevant as it coincides so nicely with the London 2012 Olympic Games. I’m sure that access to Olympic stadiums, equipment and even former Olympic athletes (ambassadors include Denise Lewis and Darren Campbell) will inspire the school children taking part to cherish every moment of the event and encourage them to take their sporting ability seriously. 

It’s fantastic to see children really getting stuck into a project and enjoying sports so much. The School Games ends today but you can catch up on all of the activity online. Excitingly this is the final event to take place in the Olympic grounds before the Opening Ceremony on July 27th – only 79 days to go!

Olympic torchbearers revealed!

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What an exciting day for Olympic Torchbearer hopefuls as anyone who has applied to carry the iconic Olympic torch during the 2012 torch relay will find out their fate this morning.

Over 8000 torchbearers will be selected to participate in the torch relay, which has become an Olympic tradition in the run up to the games. The relay starting on 19th May 2012 will run the entire length of the country, covering an estimated 1018 villages, town and cities nationwide before arriving in London on 27th July for the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

seb coe with olympic torch

Those lucky enough to carry the torch have been carefully selected as individuals who have inspirational stories and have made brilliant contributions to sport in their local community or Great Britain.

Upon the arrival of today’s news a select few torchbearers will be revealed to the public with Lord Sebastian Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games. It is undoubtedly a wonderful achievement to become an Olympic Torchbearer so I would like to say a big well done to all of those who have today become successful torchbearers.

Knitted Olympic Stars by Carol Meldrum

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I was just checking out The Guardian Online and came across an adorable feature, which is perfect for any craft lovers who are particularly looking forward to the Olympics.

Renowned quirky knitter Carol Meldrum has created a series of knitted icons, which illustrates Olympics stars throughout the years.

Mark Spitz Knitted

Seb Coe and Steve Ovett

In here ‘Knitlympics’ collection, Carol has created knitted dolls of Seb Coe and Steve Ovett, high jumper Richard Fosbury, sprinters Florence Griffith-Joyner and Usain Bolt, swimmer Mark Spitz and 70’s gymnast Ogla Korbut to name a few.

The Olympic collection now sits alongside Carol’s portfolio of celebrity dolls after she has previously recreated celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, The Queen and The Beatles.

Carol Meldrum’s creations are great fun to look at and wonderful inspiration if you’re an avid knitter!

Olga Korbut knitted

Usain Bolt Knitted

One year exactly until the 2012 London Olympic Games

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It is exactly one year until the London Olympics 2012 begins and with construction work on time and to budget excitement for the games seems to be mounting.

This morning I caught a great feature on BBC breakfast news which was broadcast from the brand new, £269 million aquatics centre designed specifically for the games. The centre is stunning with a ‘waved’ effect roof and three Olympic sized swimming pools.


To celebrate only a year to go until what’s expected to be the country’s biggest sports events in recent history. Olympic diver and London 2012 hopeful Tom Daley will be diving in the aquatics centre. And a celebratory Olympic party is taking place in London’s Trafalgar Square where anticipation for London 2012 will be at its highest yet.   

Let the countdown begin!


Visit Britain- You’re Invited

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Visit BritainA campaign to entice more visitors to come and enjoy Britain is underway with a marvellous marketing campaign from tourist organisation ‘Visit Britain’.

The campaign which showcases the very best of British has been endorsed by several celebrities including actors Dev Patel and Rupert Everett, supermodel Twiggy, my favourite chef Jamie Oliver and the great British actress Dame Judi Dench.

Each famous face is seen describing their personal highlights of Britain in five short films. My favourite is Dame Judi Dench’s who appears at the magnificent Hever Castle in Kent. Judi describes her admiration for tradition and love of English literature including the likes of Shakespeare.

Together I think that the videos really do display the diversity of Britain, from beautiful country sides to bustling cities. Hopefully the campaign will capture the mind of travellers, who are looking to explore Britain. After all there will be plenty to see in the next couple of year as London hosts the 2012 Olympic Games and the county celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

To see the official Visit Britain trailer, click here.

Olympic Torch Relay 2012

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The Olympic torch route has been revealed today along with the information that the historical torch will arrive in England on 28th May 2012 when the relay will begin.

Olympic torch relay routeStarting in Land’s End, the most southern and western part of the country the relay will take 70 days  as it is travels around the United Kingdom before arriving in London on 27th July for the Olympic 2012 opening ceremony.

I’m really pleased to see that my home town and location of Bath-Knight headquarters, Stoke-On-Trent is receiving the honour of the torch passing through on 30th May.

The torch will be carried by 8000 torch bearers as it relays the country, and the lucky torch bearers will be those who have an active role within sports and are nominated for their hard work and outstanding achievements in sports.

The torch bearers will offer a huge variety of talent and I am really looking forward to finding out if anybody from the local area will be given the honour.

The relay is a great opportunity for everyone to get a glimpse at the Olympics- I read that the torch relay will mean that 95 per cent of the population will be within a one-hour journey of the relay, which I find quite astonishing.

Visit the official Olympic 2012 website to nominate a torch bearer and to find more details about the torch relay with information about towns and cities which the torch will visit.

Discounted Olympic 2012 tickets for over 60s.

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Yesterday I posted an article from Martin Lewis- the Money Saving Expert. To my delight Martin posted information regarding entitlement to discounted tickets for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it is great that the prestigious Olympic Games are finally coming to London in 2012. The games will be fabulous for both the city and the country.

With so much excitement ahead of the games many people have already applied for tickets through the official application ballot system, which allows everyone to select up to 20 events that they would like to attend. From there you simply have to wait to find out whether or not your application has been successful.

London 2012 Olympic games ticket discount elderly

Tickets are thought to be in high demand and prices differ from event to event. However, the Olympics Games have enlisted discounts to children and over 60’s.
If you are over 60 and lucky enough to get tickets for the games, you will be charged a standard rate of £16 for a standard ticket on 220 sessions at the Olympics 2012.

The discount is great as combined with the additional discount scheme for children, celebrating the London 2012 becomes affordable for families across the country- Perfect chance to take the Grandchildren out for the day!

To be in with a change of attending London 2012 Olympic Games you must register at the official Olympics registration site before the 26th April 2011. Good luck!

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